CoD: Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune Event-All Rewards and Details

Call of Duty Season 4 is currently live in Warzone, with a limited-time Mercenaries of Fortune event to help celebrate the new season of content. Here we analyze all the details and rewards you can earn by participating.

Start time and details of MercenariesofFortune event

The Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune event will be held for a limited time as the seasonal event will be held until July 7th. During this period, players will be able to complete a set of eight challenges across Fortune’s Keep and Caldera. Each challenge locks cosmetic items, but completing all eight unlocks the special Warzone vehicle skin.

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All challenges and rewards

  • Cut throat: Defeat 50 players with Fortune’s Keep. Reward False Prospector weapon camouflage
  • mint: Open the mercenary safe. Reward the Fanged Assault emblem
  • Road trip: Get 25 kills or assists in the car.Reward the nugget weapon charm
  • Golden Victor: Win one Golden Prander game.Reward the Poison Wealth Calling Card
  • Body storage: Achieve 100 kills in the Caldera Island Storage Town.Reward the Death Prospector camouflage
  • Money bag: Collect $ 100,000 in cash at Fortune’s Keep.Reward poison approval stickers
  • Pocket sandwich: Dig up three piles of buried treasure in Fortune’s Keep.Reward the charm of malicious weapons
  • Shopping fever: Buy 5 items from the black market.Reward scaled sniple tickles

Completing all eight challenges will unlock the very rare “The Vault” Golden Vehicle Skin for the new Season 4 armored SUV.

In addition to the new Fortune Keep Map, the caldera will also receive major landscape changes for Fortune mercenary updates. Check out the guide for all the updated new POIs for the Season 4 caldera.

Vanguard’s Season 4 update includes the USS Texas 1945 multiplayer map, and ShiNoNuma returns traditional survival gameplay to zombie mode. Here are our Shinonuma Benefits Guide and tips for surviving the High Round.

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