Codemasters sold to EA for $ 1.2 billion instead of Take-Two

Is EA really going to maintain four UK-based racing studios at once? (Photo: Code Master)

The purchase of British publisher and developer Codemasters was an unexpected bidding war with EA winning.

Originally With the Take-Two deal closed, EA slammed at the last minute to buy Codemasters, a veteran publisher and developer in the UK.

The deal with Take-Two was worth $ 994 million (£ 750 million), while EA provided $ 1.2 billion (£ 900 million), which Codemasters accepted.

“Electronic Arts and Codemasters have a common ambition to lead the video game racing category,” said Gerhard Florin, Chairman of Codemasters. “This union will provide Codemasters with an exciting and prosperous future, enabling teams to create, launch and serve highly passionate viewers of bigger, better games. thinking about”.

The purchase is puzzling as Take-Two does not currently have a major racing franchise or its own EA developer.

However, the long-standing Need for Speed ​​franchise has been declining in performance for years, the number of recent remasters has caused little excitement, and the former developer’s ghost game has been reduced to a technical support studio.

Gilford-based burnout developer Criterion was supposed to be in charge of the Need For Speed ​​series, which may be the case, but EA owns several major UK studios specializing in racing games. The fact that they do is not a good omen for all of them. Stay open.

Codemasters’ main internal studio is in Birmingham, but it also has an office in Cheshire, Kuala Lumpur, India, and is also owned by London-based Project CARS developer Slightly Mad Games.

Now it seems inevitable that there will be a period of integration. It is almost certain that it will lead to redundancy.

The Codemasters senior management team all play the same role, including CEO Frank Sagneier and CFO Rashid Barakia (the Darling brothers sold their stake in the company a few years ago).

“Our industry is growing, the racing category is growing, and we are together in a position to lead a new era in racing entertainment,” said EA boss Andrew Wilson. “This combination will allow us to expand our existing franchise and provide fans around the world with an industry-defining racing experience.”

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Codemasters sold to EA for $1.2 billion, not Take-Two

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