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Cody Garbrandt believes that TJ Dillashaw needs to conquer the man in the mirror before he’s worried about who his next UFC opponent will be.

Former teammates Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw haven’t looked at much since Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male Gym in 2015. The words when Bruce Buffer announced the winner to him on both occasions. But that’s not the end of the story. After Dillashaw tested positive for the EPO in 2019, this is because he changed the story of his entire MMA career to some.

Cody Garbrandt isn’t among these people because he claims to know the use of Dillashaw’s EPO long before the positive test.In fact, before the second collision at UFC 227, Cody Garbrandt UFC 25th Anniversary Press Conference What Dillashaw took in 2018 (EPO).

TJ Dillashaw celebrates Cody Garbrandt’s face at UFC 227

Despite Dillashaw’s suspension and public stigma associated with being labeled as a drug fraud, the positive test that led to his suspension was the only time he took EPO or other performance-enhancing drugs. Insisted. He claims he only did it to help him lose weight to 125, a division he had never competed with.So when Cody Garbrandt was asked In a recent interview He had an unexpected and very dull reaction to the person Dillashaw would face in the first counterattack from the suspension.

“I think TJ must be honest with himself. If TJ comes out, apologizes and blames him for what he did, that’s a step in the right direction,” Garbrand told Schmo. “He said he hadn’t come completely yet and did the EPO. Oh, some sort of bullshit about how he lost weight. Similarly, in his career when reducing to 125. It’s not just about encountering the EPO for the first time. “

Cody Garbrandt explains how Dillashaw was captured

In an interview just before the suspension was released, TJ Dillashaw Asked his critics a question of: Why did you get caught for the first time when you were cheating all the time? In other words, why doesn’t he continue with the exact same system that led him to avoid it? Cody Garbrandt will answer this question in detail for Dillashaw.

“The reason he jumped out was because he lowered it to a £ 135 T,” Garbrandt said. “Now you’re going and doing different supplements, you’re doing different workouts, you’re cutting to ’25, yours because you’re cutting an extra £ 10 You may not know what it takes to get out of the system, and that’s how he was violated. He didn’t have it mathematically or scientifically, so his usage of EPO Anyone who was in control of his doctor or team, or himself … because TJ is a pretty smart individual, and that’s where he messed up.

“So I think the first fight with TJ is just admitting to himself, the UFC, and everyone he’s doing.”

What do you think of Cody Garbrandt’s comment on TJ Dillashaw, whose former teammate has become a rival?

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Cody Garbrandt explains how TJ Dillashaw was caught in a doping breach Cody Garbrandt explains how TJ Dillashaw was caught in a doping breach

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