Coffey tells “coward” Ali “We’re going to go to war” – WWE Sports

Similar to the RETRIBUTION habit, Mustafa Ali delivered the latest promotion at Kofi Kingston Via Twitter video Before yesterday Living.. It was played on the air (but don’t look for it in the Hulu version … another retaliatory habit is that they are cut off from it), and Ali Xavier after the group wins SLAPJACK. After defeating Woods, I sent another message to Kingston.

The message was that Ali would take the place of Coffey at the Royal Rumble on Sunday (January 31st). But Kingston is more focused on what they did to his New Day brothers. Former WWE Champion is no longer kidding. Calling Mustafa a coward, he promises to bring hell with him when he returns from a jaw injury …

We still don’t know when Coffey will be back in the ring, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Coffey coming out this weekend. Royal rumble,you are? Maybe when the ants entered the rumble itself, or sometime after that?

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Coffey tells “coward” Ali “We’re going to go to war” Coffey tells “coward” Ali “We’re going to go to war”

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