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When Capo parenthesis I’m planning to return to the lineup today, but Colin Blackwell Healthy scratch.. Getting Kappo back is certainly great, and the Ranger is in desperate need of getting him back. But scratching Colin Blackwell is certainly a mysterious move.Blackwell is widely regarded as one of the more consistent Rangers forward. In addition, there are other forwards that are much worse.

Most of the focus was on Brett Howden.. Listen, we know he’s not good.But I do understand David QuinnLogic. Howden is the center Philip Kitil We haven’t faced off yet. On paper, I get it. No thank you. Blackwell can play in the center, but the wings are better.

But what about Fildi Giuseppe? Is there any reason Blackwell was scratched by him? And this is not a small amount for Dijuzeppe. A compliment to the excellent Blackwell.

Blackwell vs. Howden

Aside from the showdown, one of the highlights of the debate was that Howden killed the penalty. Why is the Rangers ruining the good when they have one of the top penalty kills in the league? Also, Howden has been used primarily in defensive ways. That’s good. Let’s dig deeper..

The last bit is an ironic bit on my part, but the numbers don’t lie. Blackwell has an overall excellent number of defenses. Blackwell has no penalty kill time and has only had nine confrontations, so some of this is to be taken with a grain of salt. Anyway, the numbers are better.

There is a reason the Rangers continue to play Howden.It’s very reminiscent of when Rangers continued to advertise Neil Pionk.. Is there anything else in Howden? I do not know. But given the incredibly long chains, it’s safe to assume that Howden won’t get hurt right away.

Blackwell vs. Digeste

This is where it gets interesting. Both are wings, so there is a reason to compare the two. Blackwell was primarily the Rangers middle 6 forward and Digestepe was the bottom 6 winger.

On paper, Blackwell was certainly better, and he was much more noticeable on ice. However, there are some differences that need to be considered. PDG has mainly played with Howden and parentheses. Blackwell spent most of his time with Howden, Kevin Rooney.. PDG does have the advantage of playing with parentheses, but Blackwell Ryan Strom And Alexis La Frenière. PDG doesn’t have it.

The “role” element is a bit misunderstood because Blackwell can play the lineup up and down. Given that he has already spent a considerable amount of time with Howden, he is not very good at keeping him on the fourth line with Howden and Brendan Remu. Whichever method you use to slice, Blackwell is better.

Of course, PDG is better than Howden. So there is that too.

So what’s next?

Signs point to Blackwell as a healthy wound. He certainly isn’t worth it. And in that respect, so is Dijuzeppe. But as long as Brett Howden has a long leash, it’s one or the other. Artemi Panarin will be back soon, so it may be both soon.

Perhaps the best idea is a rotation between Howden, PDG, Blackwell, and perhaps Kevin Rooney. Or, if the Rangers are lucky these days, someone else will be injured. Frankly, the best of the quartet is Blackwell, with Rooney right behind him. Unfortunately, the worst is someone who is far behind others.

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Colin Blackwell as a scratch doesn’t make much sense Colin Blackwell as a scratch doesn’t make much sense

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