Collect prizes as Skycadia brings fighting dogs to the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One

Skykadia’s glorious sky is full of villains, and it will be your job to hunt them down. So what are you waiting for, bounty hunter? Get out there, practice your dog fighting skills, bring cheats to trial on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, and collect loot.

As far as the dog fighting experience is concerned, Skycadia is arguably a retro-style pixelated product rather than a modern take like the Star Wars Squadron. Created in pretty easy-to-see pastel colors, your role is to steer the aircraft from a first-person perspective with the goal of finding sky pirates. Shooting down these sneaky bugs with bounty heads will help you reward you with cash and fill your bounty hunter. Simply stack up those prizes, stack up huge cash balances, and reign supreme among your peers.

Feel free to check out more about this easy-going aerial-based adventure A complete review of Skycadia.. In short, it may seem basic, but the simple concept of the procedure and the nature of score tracking suggest that it may be possible to have a reasonable experience. Especially when the price is quite low. Exactly how low is it?Well, if you fly to Xbox store, Skycadia can be purchased for £ 8.39. And once you get it, you can start and chase the empty pirates and get the loot of course.

Does the bounty hunter life depicted in Skykadia look like a premise that you enjoy? Please contact us in the comments section below and let us know what you think.

Game description:

The world of Skykadia is flooded with Sky Pirates — and profitable! Shoot down villains, fly into the sky and collect prizes in this easy-going flight adventure.

Collect bounties as Skycadia brings dogfighting to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

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