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The battle between Notre Dame and Wisconsin in Soldier Field was a knockdown that everyone thought would be.And as the game ended, there were plenty of NFL offensive line prospects that impressed during the fourth week. College football Noon game.

Two aggressive linemen really stood out for the team that won the match on Friday night. Both are currently playing the left tackle, but could shift to another position in the NFL.

Wake Forest’s Zack Tom is smart, tough, and basically healthy. He lacks the classic left tackle size, but Tom is making the most of his abilities. He will be the NFL’s solid interior backup lineman.

Size is not an issue for the emerging Fresno State Bulldog’s left-handed effort, Don’t Bull. The senior is huge, 6 feet 6 inches and 335 pounds in size, but he’s probably too big to stay on the left side of the NFL. Bullblock with outstanding fundamentals and projects, and the right work on Sunday.

SMU’s Jaron Thomas (who I appreciate in the last three seasons) is another left tackle he plans to be an interior offensive lineman at the next level. Thomas is strong and blocks movement well. He is pushing TCU defenses around the field. The SMU launched a total of 450 yards after three-quarters and now owns a 10-point lead.

A pair of linebackers highlights Missouri vs. Boston University

The two linebacker prospects are playing great games with each other.

Previously i Tweeted that he likes Blaze Old LedgeA former rice linebacker currently suitable for Missouri. Old Ledge is an instinctive defender who does his best to tackle at the expense of his body. He’s great to pursue, sold out in blitzkrieg, and is always around the action. To Boston University, he posted 5 tackles with 1.5 tackles for a loss three quarters later.

Isaiah Graham-Mobley continues to party at Boston University. The linebacker looked like a star in the temple as a sophomore, but fell into funk for the next two seasons. His move to BC has proven to be a game changer for his draft stock. Graham-Mobley was the Eagles’ top tackler in today’s match against Missouri. He is currently at the top of the tackle list at 7 pm today as the game moves into the fourth quarter.

Jack Coan and Tyler Show were disappointed

I ’m a quarterback Jack Coan Tyler Show..

Coan barely completed 50% of the throws today and missed some big opportunity to put points on Notre Dame’s board. He was injured in the middle of the third quarter and spends the rest of the game on the sidelines against Wisconsin.

Shuff was actually 9/11 at 68 yards before he was injured and left the game. Despite the statistics, he is slow and unmarked, making it work too hard to receive the receiver, even when the receiver is wide open. He is still a thrower / athlete than a Texas Tech passerby.

Speaking of Texas Tech, you have to wonder if Matt Wells will be the head coach of Red Raiders over the weekend. His work was at stake at the end of the 2020 season. Today’s embarrassing performance against rival Texas will not bring him any benefit.

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College Football Week 4: Observing the game at noon College Football Week 4: Observing the game at noon

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