Colonial Marine Corps Operation Manual for Pre-ordering Alien RPGs

December 4, 2020 by Polar_Bear

“A day in the corps is like a day on a farm. Every meal is a banquet. Every salary is a lot of money.” Will have to do.But that’s what you get when you’re playing Alien RPG.. Free League Publishing has started their pre-order Colonial Marine Corps Operation Manual Game supplement. Falling!

From the website:

Armor-piercing bullets break through the defense. Exciting smoke chokes you. Chemical attacks melt your armor, and biological weapons overturn your inner self. It’s a living hell, but it’s not as bad as a flash of metal teeth that terrorizes you every time you try to close your eyes. Welcome to the war at the edge of the razor of space, the ocean.

Free League Publishing and 20th Century Studios Today Colonial Marine Corps Operation Manual, Complete campaign module for award-winning executives alien Role-playing game. Priced at $ 39.99, the gorgeously drawn hardcover book provides all the tools you need to run a complete open world campaign as an iconic Colonial Marine.

Colonial Marine Corps Operation Manual With the March 2021 release, you can now pre-order at Please note that you need the ALIEN RPG core rulebook to use this book.


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