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There is really little that Jonathan Taylor can write to justify his performance on Sunday. Start by repeating the stat line: 30 carries at 253 yards and two rush touchdowns. In the Jaguars match, Taylor was inducted into the Hall of Fame with Edgerrin James and Marshall Faulk as the only Colts rookie to surpass 1000 rush yards and 10 rush touchdowns during the season. His 253 rushing yards set franchise records for things like James, Folk, and Eric Dickerson (also inducted into the Hall of Fame) who all carried rocks in Colts uniforms.

Without Taylor, Colts’ attack wouldn’t have helped much to get the excitement. Philip Rivers There were no particularly productive days in the transit yards totaling less than 200 yards, and none of the Colts receivers did anything remarkable. In fact, it’s worth repeating that the team’s main receiver at the target, reception and receiving yard was Taylor’s backfield mate, Niheim Hines.

These things show that Michael Pitman Jr. plays a small role. He caught both targets for a total of 28 yards and carried the ball once for another two yards. Pittman has shown that he has the talent to play an important role in the attack this season, but with a new focus on the late-season attack discrepancy and running the ball behind the soaring Taylor. And his chances are limited.


Julian Blackmon was scratched on his way back to the stats sheet with Charlie Blackmon not in the field. His five tackles came in third on the team and added a losing tackle. He remains quiet in the press and hasn’t been involved in big-game hunting interceptions or path failures lately, but he still has all the opportunities. He sees all the defensive snaps, no matter who Colts is facing, and continues to be one of the biggest surprises from this draft class. Not because he was suspected of becoming a starter, but because no one expected him to recover from ACL damage so quickly or in such an influential way.

Special team

Isaia Rogers rarely has the opportunity to return a kick-off, and only kicker Rodrigo Blankenship and special team ace Jordan Glasgow play a weekly role in the special team. Glasgow has recently become quite quiet, including missing time in the COVID-19 restriction process.

Blankenship has accumulated a very successful rookie season, achieving 32 out of 37 field goal attempts, or 86.5% of the season. He broke the Colts franchise rookie scoring record and gave Colts fans a reason to feel more relaxed after Adam Vinatieri struggled so hard in 2019.

A major concern remaining in blankenship is leg strength. Within 45 yards, he appears to be nearly automatic. Things can be quite dangerous outside 45 yards. He missed multiple longfield goal attempts this year because he couldn’t reach the crossbar or bounced off the crossbar. In fact, he has only hit one of three attempts from over 50 yards.

There are no attacks that rely on kicking a field goal over 50 yards to win a soccer match, but NFL games are often very close, and attempts to win a field goal, including distance, are certain. It’s not uncommon. Blankenship will have to spend the next offseason to develop leg strength and accuracy outside 45 yards or more. Failure to do so could shorten his promising young career.

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Colts Rookie Report: Week 17 vs. Jaguars Colts Rookie Report: Week 17 vs. Jaguars

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