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The· Indianapolis Colts The match on Sunday was against the backdrop of an important victory over one of AFC’s rivals. Las Vegas Raiders In the 14th week, you need to win to maintain the playoff situation.The· Colz I came across a team that was taking off the puncture that lost to Chicago Bears last week.There were some powerful shows during the 27-20 wins against Houston Texans And so are some poor people.


Deforest Buckner I wasn’t able to play in the match because I was suffering from an ankle injury during practice last Thursday. Instead, Colts dropped the snap to about 50%. Buckner was still his dominant and effective self, despite his limited snaps and injured ankles. Buckner produced 4 tackles, 2 tackles, 4 quarterback hits, 3 sack (career high) and forced fumble with just 35 snaps. Buckner once again proved, if not yet, why Chris Ballard traded for him in the off-season.

Jonathan Taylor Colts’ lead is back firmly, and of course it is. Taylor continued his dominant run this week with a show. Taylor added 12 yards of 4 catches in the pass game and finished the day with a touchdown of 83 yards of 16 carries. Taylor continued four games of rush over 80 yards on Sunday. He has now rushed to stop more than 800 yards with seven touchdowns and 4.6 yards of every attempt.

Zack Pascal I played a game on Sunday. He played big all over the field, turned in the third down and caught the touchdown. Pascal was the best Colts wide receiver on the field on Sunday and was produced accordingly, managing 5 catches and 2 touchdowns at 79 yards. It’s impressive that Pascal recently appeared when the team needed him most.

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Deshaun Watson was a very good quarterback and he showed exactly why he was a very good Sunday. Watson was harassed by Colts Pass Rush in every game, but he was still able to pass 435 yards.Colz coverage In secondary He was one step behind the Texans receiver in a lot of play, not especially scratches. In particular, there was one play that went into the end zone and scored with the Texans wide receiver wide open and the Colts defender not within 20 yards. Colts certainly won’t break Sunday’s defense, but it needs to be significantly strengthened for the playoffs.

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Colts Stock Report: Week 15 vs Texans Colts Stock Report: Week 15 vs Texans

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