Comic color books are now available for free on Nintendo Switch

Interesting stories, nice graphics, and likable characters. All of this makes every child happy.

Created for kids

Discover the adventures of your brothers who have met rare friends, such as lovely robots and cute alpacorns. Color amazing cartoon pictures and dive into their world.

The comic focuses on positive emotions: the joy of discovering, playing, and caring for each other. They also show that good adventures are everywhere — at home or in the backyard. It takes a little imagination.

Coloring develops creativity

Children are born as artists. Thanks to coloring books, you can show it not only by learning the story, but also by helping to create it. Children are accepted to express themselves with a variety of tools and color palettes specially selected by the artist.

The clear goal of completing a page, story, or entire series also allows children to practice patience.

In addition, Comic Coloring has interesting plots that are a great starting point for creating your own story with your characters.

3 free stories

The first three comics in Comic Coloring are available for free! This allows you to quickly see how the character’s story began, play with your kids in space, and visit distant kingdoms.

And more!

And for adventurous people, the two DLCs have 20 more unique stories: Hero and robot time And My friend, Alpacorn..There are also specials for those who want to draw unlimitedly Borderless drawing mode.

Don’t miss the comic color book that will be released on Nintendo Switch on December 28th!

Main functions:

  • Friendly graphics
  • Funny story
  • For kids
  • Sticker!
  • 3 free stories

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Comic Coloring Book is now available for free on Nintendo Switch

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