Coming 2 America: Why you need to stay in the mid-credits scene

Apparently it was shot with Zoom and other communication technologies, but the legend surprisingly said, “She is your queen. The queen who will be eternal. The queen who does whatever your Highness wants.”

The legendary musical compliment may have been recently filmed in a home quarantine atmosphere where we all became intimate with infiltrating his cover song. It also looks like a sweet compliment from the legend to the movie. It meant he would grow, especially with his velvety musical vocals, in favor of Paul Bates.

Indeed, one of the most important moments since the 1988s Come to usa Oaha of Bates, the moderator and royal footman of Zamundo, picks up a microphone on Prince Akeem’s birthday and his Highness for a fateful encounter with his fiancé Imani Itzi (Vanessa Bell). It’s time to serenade.Unfortunately for Imani, marriage is not (and, as first revealed, there is a curse of fate worse than unknowingly putting her dead. Star Prince New York). Still, it’s a soulful musical moment that has lived in pop culture for over 30 years. You can see it below.

It also made a clear impression on the Grammy and Oscar-winning legends who performed wonderfully on his own piano. After that, the legend says “Good night, Zamunda” with a sweet see-off.

There is also a post-credit sequence showing Murphy, a barber customer, one of his most beloved prosthetic limb works, meeting the only new character created between Murphy and Arsenio Hall. Star Prince New York.. It is Arsenio as Baba, a shaman of suspicious skills. He also makes a practical (if not great) joke.

Coming 2 America: Why you need to stay in the mid-credits scene

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