Coming soon to Xbox Game Pass: Injustice 2, PES 2021 Season Update, Torchlight III, etc.

Happy new year everyone! Did you have a wonderful holiday? We are back to bring you more games to discover. Even if you haven’t tried the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate yet, you’ll have time to get the first three months for $ 1 until January 25th. The New Year is coming and there are some games to announce, so let’s get started.

coming soon

eFootball PES2021 Season Update (((Android and Console) – January 7th
Pitch in one of the most famous sports video game series, including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and the legendary Diego Maradona. eFootball PES.. Play online co-op or play against your friends, or take part in a real football event in Matchday mode. Now in its 25th year, it’s never been better to experience PES’s fun and fluid gameplay and discover why PES is considered the cornerstone of soccer video games.

Injustice 2 (Android, Console, and PC) – January 7th
Injustice 2 A super powerful sequel to a hit fighting game Injustice: the gods between us This allows players to build and power up the ultimate version of their favorite DC character. Injustice 2 While Batman and his allies are working to restore a fragment of society, they continue the story of the film, but fighting those who restore Superman’s regime.

Little acre (Android and Console) ID @ Xbox – January 7th
Little acre It takes place in Ireland in the 1950s and follows the story of Aidan and his daughter Lily. After discovering clues to the whereabouts of his missing father, Aidan realized he was inadvertently taken to a strange new world. Featuring full voice acting and hand-drawn animation, Little acre A memorable and lovingly crafted adventure game.

Neoverse (PC) ID @ Xbox – January 14th
Neoverse A beautiful and fantastic game of adventures with thrilling challenges. This is a strategic, action, roguelike, deck-building game that tests your player’s skills. Start your adventure with a unique hero to save the world along different timelines.

Torch III (((Android and Console) ID @ Xbox – January 14th
To Torch IIINovastria is once again under threat of aggression and it is up to you to defend against Neselim and its allies. Gather your wisdom and bravely confront the frontiers to discover fame, glory and new adventures!

Edith Finch Wreckage (PC) ID @ Xbox – January 14th
Edith Finch Wreckage A collection of short stories about families in Washington. Follow Edith as Edith explores family history through these stories and tries to understand why she was the last to survive in her family.

YIIK: Post-modern RPG (PC) ID @ Xbox – January 14th
Set in 1999, this surrealistic JRPG-style game witnesses a college graduate Alex disappearing from an elevator. He quickly rounded up a non-conforming band from the internet to investigate her disappearance and used vinyl LPs, cameras, and other weird stuff to blend single-shrink-based mini-games with turn-based combat. A booby trapped factory and a cave in search of the truth on a puzzle.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Benefits

Visit the Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One Console Benefits Gallery, the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC, or the Xbox Game Pass mobile app on iOS and Android to apply for benefits.

Spellbreak-Chapter 1 Pass (Billed by April 8th)
Enhance your chapter progress with reputation bonuses, rewards, gold, other quests, and exclusive cosmetics in this Chapter 1: Spell Storm Pass!

World of Warships: Legends – Holiday Cruiser (((Billed by April 1)
Two versatile light cruisers World of Warships: Legends Just in time for the holidays in the new Xbox Game Pass Holiday Cruiser Bundle.

World of tanks – – Legend of Warpack (Billed by March 31)
Help us fight to become an undisputed war hero and download the Legend of War Pack. This bundle contains 3 premium tanks from different countries, a week’s premium time, and a large amount of gold that can be used for consumables and ammo.

Xbox Game Pass Quest

Continuing from the New Year, points will be doubled from Ultimate Quests for EA Play and Xbox Series X | S optimized titles until January. please do not worry. You can earn double points even if you play on the Xbox One console.

Try this week’s Ultimate Quest now and earn double points.

  • Died in daylight – 100 points: Become a medical expert 3 times

Will come out soon

The next game will soon end from the Game Pass library, so don’t wait to jump before joining! If you want to continue playing, keep in mind that you can buy these games and save up to 20% with the Xbox Game Pass membership discount.

Departure on January 15

  • FTL: faster than light (PC)
  • My Friend Pedro (Console and PC)
  • Sword Art Online: Deadly Bullet (console)
  • Tekken 7 (console)

I can’t believe I haven’t announced the Xbox Game Pass since then. last year (Sorry, I couldn’t resist this joke).You know the drill, follow us twitter And Instagram warn you when the game becomes available in the library. See you!

Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Injustice 2, PES 2021 Season Update, Torchlight III, and More

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