Commandos 2-HD Remaster Review (Switch)

2001 is really starting to feel like it was a long time ago Commandos 2It must be said that it was first released in September of that year, but it now points to that era in many ways. Pyro Studios’ real-time tactical efforts are arguably a classic in this genre. A deep and strategic event that has a bucket of atmosphere and throws players into a series of highly challenging missions throughout Nazi-occupied Europe.But it is Also A game where the system feels pretty outdated in The Year of Our Lord 2020 – a feeling aggravated by lazy HD remastering doing the bare minimum while introducing lots of unique new issues.

For players who have already experienced the fun of the Commandos series at the time, it’s still a lot of fun to relive the glory of the past and delve into the levels where we spent a lot of time understanding years ago. is. However, this is an experience that is badly implemented and severely hampered by controls that can’t even match the comfort of the mouse and keyboard. Player movements, camera actions, and object interactions in this console version are very awkward and often very frustrating events, with many unnecessary deaths and constant warnings of swarms of enemy guards. be connected.

We’ve personally experienced the huge and complex levels of this game over the years, but nevertheless a little trick to avoid enemy placement, hiding places, and sticky situations. I have some background knowledge about and realized that I need to save my progress always I had a hard time adjusting a small commando unit correct The way you need to pick up and spread mines, find and hide enemy bodies, climb through windows, and here as the worst criminals to shoot your weapons accurately.

It feels buggy and inaccurate, even the simplest interactions, and makes it a pain appropriate to put up with already quite winding tough levels. Even the opening training missions of the game couldn’t reliably climb the poles, cross the wires, or shoot a few guards straight without making the right pig’s ear, so what? I succumbed to the enemy again. things.

Camera controls (hold down the button on the right shoulder and use the D-Pad to move the viewing angle, zoom in and out) are also not intuitive, and the default viewpoint is severely restricted. Too much, always scroll to view the game map to monitor where the enemy is. All this is exacerbated by some of the very old school design choices of this almost 20 year old adventure, and no waypoints or assistance are provided to guide you to where you should go next. a Lots Time to pan an unsightly camera looking for clues.

In short, controlling this console port is always annoying in practice. What can we overlook because of the apparent strength of the core gameplay here? Now, when you’re also dealing with a myriad of bugs, the player is trapped in the landscape, the enemy can’t glitch the wall and attack, and the character takes action, reloads and moves again until it repeats. Reject …, Not so much..The problem is that the game since 2001 bit It’s archaic and sometimes painful, but if the game is already as challenging and complex as Commandos 2, then you don’t need to worry about it. Thank you very much.

As for the “HD remaster” element of this HD remaster, well, they did just enough to qualify it. Old-fashioned block-shaped graphics have been cleaned up and look sharper, making situation analysis much easier. However, I can’t help but feel that the game has lost some of its old-fashioned charm in the process. A new UI and overhauled tutorials are also available. To be honest, I didn’t add much to the party and had a hard time remembering which combination of buttons displayed which menu and how to create a group. To move all at once, or simply to highlight nearby enemies and objects. When time gets tight and things get hot here, expect to fail violently and often.

For these older games that haven’t been significantly overhauled, the action and camera feel like they’re being dragged through the mud at points, and even in docking mode, there’s a surprising slowdown. The load time is strangely long, it takes quite a long time to start the level, and it takes a frustrating time to restart when it loads quickly or dies.You will really spend Is long Now let’s take a look at the static loading screen. It’s all a bit disappointing and jerky for the port, which is supposed to bring an old classic with crisp, clean controls to our hands. Why didn’t they use the touch screen? – And minimal load time.

Under all the issues, Commandos 2-HD Remaster is a solid game, a great game, with 10 huge levels to test even the most experienced and patient real-time tactical fans. There is no doubt that-and this is a genre it is Terrible Nintendo Switch isn’t getting enough service, Shadow tactics, Desperados And recently Partisan 1941, It feels like the most outdated adventure. I’d love to see a proper remake of these classic games from scratch, or a new entry in the series, but as far as this HD remaster is concerned, this is a classic that has been seen in a better time and deserves it. Need – A little more TLC before being delivered to modern audiences.


Commandos 2-HD Remaster is a disappointingly matte port of real-time tactics classic. This is a game that shows the era in many ways, but with the right tweaks, some good control implementations, and bug crushing. Maybe … There was a moment when the modern audience was shining. As it is, the frustration and annoyance you can expect when revisiting this vintage game is endless with crude and awkward controls, unexpected performance issues, and a lack of general care. The graphics have been updated here, but everything else remains – with the addition of bugs, glitches, and long load time frustration.

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