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The following comments from Leicester fans before and after the team defeated Newcastle United.

Newcastle remains in 15th place on the table and Leicester is in 3rd place, only one point away from the top.

The match has been four matches between the two clubs since Steve Bruce was appointed, with Newcastle losing four.

Pre-match comments from Leicester fans aren’t that easy, pointing out how crippled Newcastle has been under Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce, and are confidently expected to win.

What they said isn’t too wrong, but the truth hurts, Leicester fans point out how trash Newcastle’s football is under Steve Bruce, especially what Leicester can do. By comparison, the hopes and expectations of the two fan bases couldn’t have been different.

Needless to say, when they read the post-match comments from Leicester fans, they didn’t change their minds much!

Leicester fans are their Fox talk message board:

Before the match:

“If Steve Bruce and his team lose the inability to pass three passes together, they will have to fold the club and reopen in the Midland Alliance.”

“This will be one of the worst and poorest teams we face throughout the season. Only wins are accepted.”

“Newcastle is poor, out of shape, and almost the entire Geordie fan base seems to want to get rid of the blues.

If you play the right team, you should win this.

We are much better than Newcastle. “

“From the club’s point of view, I don’t know how anything other than victory will be accepted.

We rested the player against Palace and paid for it. I expect to see the strongest 11 available.

Newcastle looked good LiverpoolSarah, in particular, missed some great opportunities. Another day, it’s 4-0 Liverpool. “

“They played much better than I played against Liverpool, but they’re still one of the worst teams in the league, and those who don’t win will shrink a lot.”

“Newcastle put in a shift tonight, hopefully that means they’re exhausted on Sunday.”

“Newcastle can’t handle the heat as long as you don’t miss a chance in front of the goal (like Liverpool) and start with high strength from your forefoot. The longer the game is 0-0, the more points you try to defend. We were here before ending the team like: Newcastle The first half is mercilessly off. “

“Newcastle is there for a take, and we should go for it to keep running for the top four. We don’t have any of the nonsense behind these five.”

“If you have the ambitions of the top four, you have to win. You can’t throw away points against the trash anymore.”

“Our best team is much better than the Newcastle team, so we have to win.

You have to win it. “

After the match:

‘My job is done. The latter half is better.

I don’t want to be a Newcastle fan. “

‘I’m happy to win. The second half improved significantly. Hit the bar for 5 minutes in or around Carol Goal. Newcastle looked like a hammer throw.

‘Take 3 points and move on. I was happy to fight hard and finally endure the things in the air. You have always felt that we will correct our quality on some occasions.

I thought Evans was great. The beautifully finished Thielemann wants to do more.

It’s not the best game, but it could always be against the blues side.

“It’s not the best performance, but it’s 3 points, so I’ll adopt it.

God knows what Newcastle fans are thinking.

“They will get the warm glow of that point against the scouters for the rest of the season-they will be okay.”

“Our game management in the second half was terrible. When we want to score, we go behind and take ownership, play directly, and when we want to take the lead, we keep losing the ball.”

“The great end of the holiday season, the great 3 points, and now don’t worry about the negatives woooooo !!!!!”

“Both of our goals worked really well. Another win against Newcastle put us in third place in the league, just one point behind the top.

I have no complaints here. “

“Good victory. I worked hard to change Rogers’ tactics!”

‘Get in!

Start this year with 3 points in Newcastle!

It may have been made of clean sheets, but winning is the main thing.

“My predictions for this season’s relegation may be a little off …”

“I’m happy to win, but Newcastle sometimes thought the defense was pretty poor.

We were completely worthy of victory. There will be more if there is a chance. “

“I was poor in the first half. After scoring, I could see my confidence regained, at which point I could only see one winner.”

“A kind of performance that shows how far this team has gone. We don’t fire in every cylinder, but we still win and 3 points are everything.

“We scored two beautiful goals, both of which are the result of a quick and dynamic attack chasing Newcastle, in contrast to the slow, heavy buildup of the first half.

“We have a team full of talented soccer players.

Despite this victory, I don’t think there was anything really noticeable in today’s 90 minutes.

But one day, when Tielemans, Madison, Burns and Vardy all find the best shape together, we’re really going to take a limited team like Newcastle to the cleaner.

“Birdy’s move is world class. If he’s in a place like Manchester or Spurs, he’ll score even more. In this game, he’s in a great position, at least two points. Should have been easy to obtain.

“Rogers was very fortunate to manage two of the world’s most prolific strikers in football, Vardy and Suarez.

Of course, both have different strengths, but both have toughness, speed, and skill to completely control the defense.

In Newcastle, we spent on Joelinton and Almiron, just as we did on Tillemanns, Madison, Albrighton, Vardy and Burns.

Burns has scored more goals than the two combined since signing Newcastle this season.

They’re really terrible, I keep hearing complaints from Newcastle supporters that they aren’t spending enough, but really they spend their money really poorly.

They seem to buy a few big players each season and I don’t think anyone but Perez sold them for a fortune.

We were on the far better side, they looked completely ignorant, and even if they pulled back one, you didn’t really think they would be equal.

I’ve seen them and other teams several times this season and I think they’re a worse team than Fulham. While Fulham missed some penalties, they were probably lucky enough to bring them back into the game with a penalty later this season.

Newcastle will finish in 4th place this season. “

“My boss who supports Newcastle said he wouldn’t chat football this morning.

What is the record of the first dismissal of the new year? “

“Regardless of Soyunk’s sub, we never doubted 3 points after scoring for the first time.

People’s judgments are nervously clouded at the end of the game. We had full control and looked at it pretty well. “

“If Carol started on the front lines with Wilson, would we have left all the game initiatives to a very poor attacking team? Did they have a big guy in advance?”

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Comments from Leicester fans before and after defeating Newcastle United Comments from Leicester fans before and after defeating Newcastle United

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