Comparison of new and old clothing from Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has released alternative outfits for the five-star characters Jean and Mona and the four-star characters Amber and Rosalia. The differences are as follows:

As of January 27, 2022, some Genshin Impact The character has officially received an alternative outfit. The characters who received these costumes are Jean, a 5-star Anemo user, Mona, a 5-star Hydro user, Amber, a 4-star Pyro user, and Rosalia, a 4-star cryouser. These costumes are in the dressing room of the character menu, which is indicated by the hanger icon.[衣装]Under the tabs, players can find everything different Wind glider Genshin Impact That they unlocked for their character.

Players can immediately request these new outfits via an in-game email that is valid for 30 days. If the player does not request an email within the time frame but has a corresponding character, the alternative costume will be automatically unlocked after the version 2.5 update. For players who do not have these characters, these alternative costumes will be automatically unlocked after acquiring each character.

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After the version 2.5 update, the appearance of Jean, Mona, Amber, and Rosaria as NPCs will reflect the new alternative outfits for previous versions of Quest. The Standard Wish Banner, Wanderlust Invocation, featuring the five-star characters Mona, Keqing, and Qiqi, will be tuned to include Mona’s Alternate Outfit. Finally, animation cutscenes prior to version 2.6 will also adjust the appearance of these characters.

Genshin Impact: Dandelion Knight Jean Alternative Costume-Gunhildle’s Legacy

Genshin Impact Dandelion Knight Jean Alternative Costume & # 8211; Gunnhildr's Legacy

5 star Anemo Sword User Jean First introduced early Genshin Impact“Prologue, Act 1: Outlander that caught the wind.. “ She is the Deputy Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius in Mondostadt and often works hard. The description of her alternative clothing states:This classic knight ceremonial costume is suitable for any occasion.A description of her previous outfit states:Neat and smart clothes that emphasize her chivalry.. “

Jean’s Alternative Outfit features a slight change in shawl and cape color from navy blue to dark blue. The subtle accents on her waistcoat changed from black and red to dark turquoise. The most notable difference is the addition of a black button-up and white lapel combination to the top of Jean instead of the previous corset cut. The color of her gloves changed from dark blue to black on the white wrist stanchions. The inside of her jacket features gold accents along with an anemo-colored design that matches the vision of her collar.

Genshin Impact: Astral Reflection Mona Alternative Costume – Star-Moon Agreement

Five-star HydroCatalyst-User Mona is best known for her astrology affinity and Teyvat’s nature. Travelers first meet her at the Unreconciled Stars event, slightly preventing them from being attacked. Genshin ImpactSixth harbinger of, Scaramouche.. The description of Mona’s alternative outfit states:A costume specially made to embrace the concept of “moment of fate” astrology, thanks to a 30% discount ticket she got from a planetarium refund... A description of Mona’s previous outfit states:A light astrologer outfit that eliminates extra fabric and offers the highest quality at an affordable price.. “

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Mona’s overall outfit theme has changed from purple, black and brown to blue, purple and red. The biggest difference is the change from one-piece leotards and light tights to shorts-like bottom one-piece garments. It is paired with thigh-high leggings in Ombre Purple with star decoration. Mona’s hat has been changed to blue on the top and bright red on the bottom. The bow that decorates the hat is now red and blue instead of the previous black. Her cape (formerly purple on the outside and red on the inside) is now dark blue on the outside and ombre red on the inside. Stars have also been added to accent the inside of the cape.

Genshin Impact: Gliding Champion Amber Alternative Costume – 100% Outrider

Genshin Impact Gliding Champion Amber Alternative Outfit – 100% Outrider

4-Star Pyrobow-User Amber is the first character players will meet elsewhere Genshin ImpactAnemo Archon, Venti, And the first character the player receives for the team. She is also a person who teaches travelers how to glide with a wind glider. The description of amber alternative clothing states:This is a more formal version of the outrider uniform, but not so cool!! A description of Amber’s previous outfit states:Outrider uniform made for maximum mobility.. “

Buttons have been added to the top of Amber, and some pleats similar to those of Jean’s previous top have been added. The dark accents on her corset have been changed to white with a red lining. Strings have been added along the sides to match the laces on her sleeves. The amber shorts changed from brown with small slits to red with a long frilled lining underneath. In addition, the amber gloves have been changed from brown to white. The pouch on her waist changed from black and brown to black and beige with red and gold straps.

Genshin Impact: Thorny Mercy Rosalia Alternative Costume – To the Free Spirit of the Church

Genshin Impact Thorny Mercy Rosalia Alternative Costume – To the Free Spirit of the Church

Rosalia hasn’t received her own character quest yet Hangout event Genshin Impact, She can be seen in “Arcon Quest, Act 4: We Reunite” or in the albedo story quest “Princips Creta Seus Chapter”. There she confesses to travelers allegations of a lonely alchemist. The description of Rosalia’s alternative outfit states:This seems to have been custom made for her by the church.. Regarding her previous outfit, the description says:Rosalia has significantly changed the uniform of this particular Favonius church.. “

The lining of Rosalia’s helmet is now black instead of the previous white. The top of her dress has been modified to have black sleeves that cover her shoulders. The central part of her top is now a white segment on a black base instead of completely white. A buckle was added to her waist to replace the asymmetrical binding. The flaps on her dress have added gray and gold striped accents. Most notably, her fishnet leggings and boots have been replaced with a combination of black pants and boots with seams rising from the back. One leg has a thin part with a buckle wrapped around it. The design of her boots has been slightly modified to match the striped accents on her dress.Whether it’s a big change or a small change, players can see these alternative outfits at Genshin Impact As soon as you log in.

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