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Algeria Head coach Djamel Belmadi had no illusions about the failure on his part Africa Cup of Nations The title defense ended after three games with a 3-1 defeat on Thursday Cote d’Ivoire In Douala.

The 2019 champion hasn’t lost a match since October 2018 and recently took part in the tournament with 34 undefeated streak wins in the Arab Cup in Qatar in December.

But the legacy of this great team is tattered after them Shock AFCON removal: Algeria claimed only one point from a three-group stage match Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea An elephant, one of the weakest title defenses in tournament history.

“It’s just a failure,” Belmadi told ESPN Thursday. “I don’t know if we’re at stake, but we’ve failed. That’s for sure. The word is a complete failure.

“The team is disappointed, beaten and has a lot of doubts. That’s for sure. These are not what we are used to, but what we are not.

“I won’t lose, but I’ve done twice as much in four days as I didn’t in three years. It’s hard to swallow. I don’t know about defeat, so these feelings are bitter, hateful, and hurt. “

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Algeria shot with the most average ball in the tournament and seized the opportunity to enter the final group match, but within 40 minutes they drew 2-0 and 9 minutes after the break. I got the third point.

Franck Kessié Opened a scoring moment after him AC Milan teammate Ismael Benasser Hit the post, and Ibrahim Sangaré When Nicolas Pepe It had even more disastrous results for the current champion.

Sophian Bendevka Only a few minutes later, he pulled back one goal from Fennec. Riyad Mahrez He hit the post with a penalty, but the North Africans couldn’t pull off a healthy slow comeback.

“It’s difficult to make a rational analysis,” Belmadi said.

“We were disappointed. Our heart was in the match here as we tried to get some points back on the board, but we couldn’t.

“They are stronger than us today, give more than us, are more efficient and more clinical in the box, and this was our only problem in the competition.

“If you miss the opportunity to score against Côte d’Ivoire, it becomes very difficult.

“For all the respect I have for these teams, you’re not doing it for Sierra Leone or Equatorial Guinea, [Ivory Coast] A quick counterattack can really hurt you. “

After disastrous results in the 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign, Belmadi, who oversaw the team’s renaissance, did not keep his desire to lead the team to Qatar later this year.

The 10 African sides, who are still in the tournament, will learn their opponents’ identities in Saturday’s playoff draw, and Algeria will be desperate to pick themselves up soon before the March doubleheader.

“It’s too early to think about how this loss can be used in this tournament. [moving forward]”Belmadi said.

“We failed, but now we have to take the time to analyze it.

“The World Cup qualifying is just around the corner, so we need to improve absolutely and quickly.

“I have some things that didn’t work and some ideas on how to improve them. There are many, but it’s too early to say now.

“We need to pick ourselves up, manage and analyze the situation, and raise our heads.

“The World Cup is waiting. We need to face it and show the world something else.”

Côte d’Ivoire surpasses Group E and remains in Douala. Egypt In the 16th round, runner-up Equatorial Guinea will face Group F. Mali..

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“Complete Failure”-Algeria’s AFCON Title Defense Ends in Ignorance “Complete Failure”-Algeria’s AFCON Title Defense Ends in Ignorance

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