Composer Lionel Gaget talks about XIII music

This is the second survey of game music I wrote today and is another good one. A remake of the XIII took place this month, with the original composer of the game, Lionel Gaget, sitting in front of the piano and computer and talking about inspiration for creating the original XIII soundtrack in this latest trailer.

Starting with a custom sound library, his process had to include different emotions and strengths in this cell-shaded thriller. Whether you’re sneaking up or fighting for life, music must react to what’s happening on the screen and feel natural. Weaving into each of these different works is the personal touch of the gadget, which “eventually creates a unity of music throughout.” In the trailer, you can taste both of these types of music sequences.

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Music is important, but he knows it needs to be useful for “both games and players” and feels his role well compared to movies. He’s talking more about it, as the trailer shows that he’s composing with a big soundboard and a computer. There is also a fragment of the moment he is playing the piano. I want to hear more of that track. The song “Brighton Beach” is available on many streaming services, so you can listen to some of Gadget’s work right away.

XIII is a remake of the game since 2003. You play amnesia with “XIII” tattoos related to the murder of the US President. While trying to remember your identity with this action thriller, you need to unravel the mystery. Your quest to thwart the plot begins on November 10.

Source: Microise

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Composer Lionel Gaget Discusses the Music of XIII

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