Conan Exiles confirms that ongoing Xbox One issues will not be fixed until sometime next year

Who knew that the biggest threat Hyboria had ever known was some nasty bugs in the console version? Conan asylum seekers?? Indeed, Funcom, which has been a strong fight against the Xbox One problem over the past few months, is not. Scott Jr. checked in again with another update, and the news isn’t shining exactly.

“When I first started this process, I wanted to be able to put everything together by the end of the year. Unfortunately, I can’t reach that goal. I’ll continue to work for the next few weeks, take a break from winter, 1 It will resume in early January. We have made progress in the last few months and currently have some fixes in testing, but nothing is ready to be released yet. “

However, not everything has been lost. Recent patches for the Xbox One and Xbox One S versions of the game include additional logging capabilities for crash reports, building debris that was in memory, and the collection of data such as the number of nearby slaves. The asset was loaded when the crash occurred. The goal is to narrow down the causes of out-of-memory crashes that are still occurring. No, it hasn’t been fixed yet and won’t be fixed for a while, but the developers will push.

Conan Exiles confirms that ongoing Xbox One issues won’t be fixed until sometime next year

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