Confrontation with Kronos’s Old Father’s Time: Before the Ashes

After the great success of Remnant: From Ash Fans released on PC and console in 2019 want to return to this post-apocalyptic world. They now have an opportunity with Cronus: Before Ash; the first part of Remnant, previously only available on the Oculus Rift. Today, it will be pre-released on Xbox One and Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Remnant: From the Ash, Kronos: In front of Ash, a metal building rises high in the sky, beginning with the story of a once-known world. The world is long ago, attacked by enemies set up from unknown places. They were sent by a higher being known as a dragon, and it’s up to you to venture into this world and kill the winged beast.

Kronos is again an action RPG, not for mind feints, but switches to a combat experience that is much more focused on melee attacks. However, World Stones do help you move between locations. You can always use Dragonheart if you are not fit.

Expect to meet familiar friends and enemies as well in places that are too recognizable.If you’re a fan of games like Remnant and Souls, you could do something worse than check out Review of Kronos..

However, it has one unique feature to isolate itself. The portal to another world can only be opened once a year. If the quest to defeat the dragon fails, the character can try again after a year. This means your chances are finite, but your abilities also change over time. You may prefer agility when you are young, but as you get older, you will prefer esoteric attributes.

Kronos: Currently sold for £ 24.99 before ash is available on Xbox.. As always, let us know in the comments if you plan to download. Or, please give me some tips and tricks.

Game description:

Chronos: Before the Ashes is an atmospheric RPG that records the hero’s lifelong quest to save his hometown from evil. Grow smarter, stronger and stronger as you explore the depths of the mysterious labyrinth. But be careful, the labyrinth is making a big sacrifice – every time your hero dies, they lose a year of their lives! Unique Aging Mechanism-Every time a player dies, he turns 1 year old. Players need to adapt to increasing age as the character progresses. Start the game young, agile and quick, and finish smarter and more accustomed to magic.

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Face Off Against Old Father Time in Chronos: Before the Ashes

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