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Confusion continues in Large Yasaba

Rajya Sabha witnessed repeated postponements on Wednesday over opposition parties protesting the suspension of 12 parliamentarians due to “uncontrollable behavior” during a previous session. House was postponed that day without considering major businesses as opposition lawmakers attacked for the Well of the House. Federal Minister Jarshak Tiga Jendra Shinshekawat was unable to complete his speech while introducing the Dam Safety Bill.

In the morning, Chairman Venkaiah Naidu said the protesting MPs had no regrets showing placards or shouting slogans.

He postponed his house until 12:00 pm.

When the House was reconvened, the turmoil continued and Vice-Chair Haribansch postponed the House until 2:00 pm.

“It’s a sacrifice of the house, I said (with respect to the 12 interrupted MP actions during the last session of August). There is no remorse by the members who really insulted the parliamentary system. Come to the well of the house. Climb to the table, throw papers, steal papers from the minister, and challenge the chair again … non-parliamentary and non-democratic, they do everything without regrets What we do Can you? “Naidu asked.

Pause MP to protest

Parliamentarians who have been suspended have decided to sit in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue in the Capitol until the suspension is revoked. “None of us are ready to apologize to this government for not respecting institutions such as democracy and parliament,” said Rajya Sabha, CPI (M) leader, one of the suspended parliamentarians. Elamaram Kareem said.

Opposition parties protested against the chair’s decision in the morning. Various opposition leaders gathered in the room of Parliamentary opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge to assess the situation. Members do not apologize for the suspension’s disregard for parliamentary norms and do not maintain it.

“Apologize to the house”

The BJP asked lawmakers to apologize to the House of Representatives and the public. “The double standard of our friends in the opposition is continuously exposed. First, not letting the House work, and when actions are taken against it according to the rules, make it a problem and again the House’s hands. Confusing the continuation. I think all of this is a conspiracy to slow down democracy. I think opposition friends are working hard to lay the foundation for anti-people politics, “BJP’s parliament. Congressman Vinay Sahasrabuddhe accused.

Twelve Congressmen Rajya Sabha stop due to “uncontrollable behavior”

Confusion continues in Large Yasaba Confusion continues in Large Yasaba

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