Congratulations Sony, DualShock 4 did not smoke

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Last generationLast generationLooking back on 2013-2020, the era of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Last time, I wrote an article about how the DualShock 3 was “sucked” when I did one of these generation summaries. This was a feeling that dates back to my time with the DualShock and DualShock 2, both of which were terrible.

This is part of what I said in 2013:

The DualShock 3 (and its predecessor, Sixaxis) is a terrible pad by today’s standard. I find it uncomfortable to hold for a long time, not to mention the sometimes physical pain (the thumb tendon is not meant to hold such a stick).

Their trigger feels cheap. The placement of thumbsticks is far from ideal for playing shooters, and those thumbsticks have dead zones as large as mass graves.

Bad controllers, many of them!Sure, you can Survive I used them, but they were crude when compared to the Dreamcast controller, GameCube, Xbox, or especially the Xbox 360.

Sony followed the same basic controller design on the 3rd generation consoles, building a certain brand tradition, but by the time PlayStation 4 came out in 2013, even the most cracked Sony fans. It was clear that changes were needed.

Enter DualShock 4. It could have been a retread of the last three controllers and probably had to be a complete redesign. Instead, I managed to walk the line across both and change the look and feel of the pad. However It’s enough to remedy a lot of inconsistencies while retaining enough DualShock DNA, and as people can see at a glance, yeah, it’s okay with a PlayStation controller.

I didn’t like the thumbstick in the middle of the controller. I’ve never met anyone who has found the best way to play the latest 3D games with camera controls, especially shooters. I think that you can leave the game not only on PS4 but also on PS5 DualSense. , Sony’s hardware team is just with us.

I also didn’t like how squeeze the main trigger was. This was a problem with the old Dual Shocks, a slight improvement here, but especially a problem. When you spend a lot of time on your Xbox Elite controller, This is almost perfect.

List of mine did Is much longer like. First, I loved the feel. The matte finish applied to many official DualShock 4 controllers not only feels comfortable on the hands, but also keeps fingerprints away.

I loved the touchpad. Of course, just as more games want to use the Vita’s rear touchpad, more games want to use it, but we sometimes live in a world where console gimmicks don’t stick, This was one of them.

I loved the overall comfort. Sure, the DualShock 4 maintained the same basic shape as its predecessor, but the rounded ends of the “handles” allow for hours of continuous use of a much more enjoyable experience than other PlayStation controllers. I did.

I love microphones and I think any game that uses a microphone to make a phone call or have an intercom conversation instead of a real speaker deserves a Gold Star.

But above all, I loved lights and console gimmicks did stick. It would have been great if the game could use it smartly to convey what the game was about, but it was even better in multiplayer scenarios.Look around my first PS4 sofa FIFA At night with my friends, just by looking at the color-coded lights, I could instantly know who was who and who was the controller, and it seemed that the console function arrived early in 2030.

This is where I compare Dual ShI ok 4 to DualSense and say goodbye while looking at the future, but I haven’t touched the PS5 controller yet, so instead say goodbye to DualShock 4, thank you, Sony, finally boldly a little it’s a little different.

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