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Without being bound by recent setbacks UFC Super star Conor McGregor It keeps moving forward relentlessly, thus steaming up the general story in front of him.

Marvin Hagler’s words, “It’s hard to get out of bed at 5am sleeping in silk pajamas and do road work,” applies directly or indirectly to Conor McGregor. The story is the same whether or not people know Hagler’s quote. Conor McGregor can’t be hungry when he no longer has to compete.

UFC President Dana White Himself Was one of the first to say a lot..Before and after McGregor’s lucrative boxing match Floyd Mayweather In 2017, White (and many others) suspected that after such a payday, McGregor would never see him compete again in the Octagon. After all, why does a free bird with the whole world under his wings return to its cage?

The answer seems to be very simple. Some believe McGregor doesn’t have to fight anymore, but the Irish continue to send the message that this can’t be far from the truth. That “necessity” may not be based on money, but the former double champion continues to inform the world that it is still there in a primitive way.

“They say many times that my accumulated wealth has put down my fire. They are wrong. @McGregorFast“”

It’s hard to claim that McGregor is being driven to compete at least to some extent. Besides the accumulated wealth, he also UFC 264..Still, the Irish continue to work hard to return While making plans for the future..Not only is McGregor not going to end the sport soon, he also He said he would never retire..

However, McGregor has lost three of the last four battles, so recent achievements could play a big role for many with the same lack of drive as before. When McGregor returns, he still seems to silence his unbelievers by returning to winning the victory while scraping cash.

Do you think Conor McGregor is as hungry as he was five years ago?

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Conor McGregor shuts down the general story: “They are wrong” Conor McGregor shuts down the general story: “They are wrong”

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