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Former dual-weight champion Conor McGregor and temporary title holder Dustin Poirier UFC 257 In Abu Dhabi on January 23rd.

This is not the first time these two fighters have met. McGregor and Poirier previously faced off at UFC 178 in 2014. After all these years, the pair clash again, is it repetitive or revenge?

First battle

In September 2014, Conor McGregor was a big prospect with three UFC wins.

His next opponent, Dustin Poirier, a ten-fighting UFC veteran, was McGregor’s toughest fight to date, and many believed he could lose.

At night, McGregor, who was able to hit, hurt and finish Poirier in the first round, went well.

For six years after the match, McGregor has been winning the UFC belt in featherweight and lightweight. The “notorious” was shot into the superstar position and even went boxing for a mega-money match against Floyd Mayweather.

Meanwhile, Poirier slowly returned to the top. After losing to McGregor, “Diamond” jumped to lightweight and eventually became the interim title.

Despite following a completely different career path, McGregor and Poirier will meet again at UFC 257. So how did you get to this point? Let’s take a look at the story of UFC257 and McGregor vs. Poirier II so far.

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Conor McGregor Featherweight Title Inclined

The first round of KO, which beat Poirier, drove McGregor to the title battle. The Irish needed another fight (Dennis Siver’s second round KO) to secure a shot in the UFC Gold.

McGregor vs. Mendes | UFC 189 | July 11, 2015

McGregor will face long-time featherweight champion Jose Aldo at International Fight Week. However, the Brazilian suffered a rib fracture and was replaced by top candidate Chad Mendes on the interim title.

Despite his disappointment, McGregor and Mendes enjoyed actively back and forth while preparing for the match.

At night, Mendes was able to unleash the brutal ground and pounds that cut down McGregor, threatening to cause upset by securing some takedowns.

The 33-year-old boy survived the guillotine attempt, stood up and managed to finish Mendes, with only a few seconds left in the second round.

The “notorious” has really arrived.

Aldo v McGregor | UFC 194 | December 12, 2015

The UFC quickly rebooked McGregor’s battle with Aldo, one of MMA’s best pound for pound fighters at the time. “Scarface” has won 18 straight wins and is the only featherweight champion in UFC history, defending the belt seven times before meeting McGregor.

The battle was truly spectacular after a fierce accumulation. No one, with the exception of the Irish, could predict what would happen next.

McGregor read the left hook from Aldo and put the champion to sleep with a single punch. It was completed in 13 seconds. It’s the fastest finish in history in the UFC title battle and is unlikely to be broken.

McGregor Becomes First UFC Dual Weight Champion

After fighting Nate Diaz twice in a welterweight match, McGregor shot the long-awaited UFC lightweight title with Eddie Alvarez.

The Irish claimed the title and in the process released a masterpiece to make the history of the UFC. McGregor was eventually forced to stop after dropping Alvarez several times during the two-round match.

McGregor became world-famous behind the scenes, so he was dragged out of MMA and didn’t play sports for two years.

Money fight

At this point, McGregor was one of the biggest stars in sports in the world. He won the UFC title with two weights and seduced the greatest boxer of all time to retire in a nine-digit battle.

Mayweather vs. McGregor was one of the largest pay-per-views in history. Despite suffering a 10th round TKO loss, McGregor was driven to another level of stardom.

At this point, things started to go downhill for McGregor. He had been stripped of his featherweight belt because he was no longer active. McGregor also won his lightweight title in the months following his detour to boxing.

Dustin Poirier’s lightweight run

Poirier went up in rank while McGregor was busy competing for the title and earning millions.

Following his lightweight move, “Diamond” won four straight victories before suffering a shocking knockout loss to Michael Johnson. However, the defeat did not discourage him, and Poirier continued to move forward in the division with an exciting fighting style that made him a fan favorite.

Poirier v Petis | UFC Fight Night | November 11, 2017

Its reputation was strengthened by the time he submitted former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis to the top five in the category.

By defeating Petis, Poirier shot to fifth place in the lightweight division. This was the first time I was in the top five divisions after losing to McGregor.

Poirier v Gaethje | Fox’s UFC | April 14, 2018

Poirier, who faced one of the toughest fighters in the UFC, Justin Gaethje, went on to fight hard. Both men went from toe to toe as candidates for the Fight of the Year.

Gaethje was able to do serious damage with his patented leg kick throughout the fight, but eventually succumbed to Poirier, who ended the show with a crispy and accurate punch trademark.

Poirier v Alvarez II | Fox’s UFC | July 28, 2018

A few months later, Poirier fought another big battle. This time it was a battle with former champion Eddie Alvarez. The pair first fought at UFC 211 in 2017, but the fight ended in a controversial manner when Alvarez landed some illegal knees.

Poirier categorically ended his rivalry when he rematched Alvarez in Calgary. At the end of the second round, when Alvarez dominated the ground, Poirier stood up, turned the table again with a powerful strike, and ended the fight.

“Diamond” was officially a legitimate UFC title candidate.

Hollowway v Poirier | UFC 236 | April 13, 2019

Poirier finally shot with UFC Gold in 2019. “Diamond” faced featherweight champion Max Holloway in UFC 236 for the interim lightweight championship.

Hollowway was quite a favorite for the fight, but Poirier was able to cause upset. He showed his strength early on and was able to hurt Hollowway several times in the early rounds.

The “blessed” survived the onslaught and began working to return to the match, but in the end it was inadequate. Poirier won the unanimous decision victory in one of the best performances of his career to win the title.

After eight years of 22 battles, “The Diamond” finally got the UFC Gold.

Russian problem

McGregor and Poirier have some common enemies, but only current lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has defeated them.

Russians are currently considering retiring after their father’s death in 2020. It is unclear if he will continue to be a problem for the winner of the UFC257 main event.

Nurmagomedov v McGregor | UFC 229 | October 6, 2018

Nearly two years away from the sport, McGregor was immediately given a title shot to Habib Nurmagomedov, who in the meantime established himself as one of the best lightweights on the planet.

Nurmagomedov and McGregor shared the most intense rivalry in UFC history, and the accumulation in the UFC 229 was full of poison and hatred.

The Russians remain undefeated. At that time, he had 26 consecutive victories. Many believed that this was a step too far for “notorious”. Especially considering the time away from sports, Nurmagomedov dominated and eventually sank into the neck crank and forced the tap, which proved to be very correct.

Due to the post-fighting disgust of Nurmagomedov, McGregor, and their respective teams who brawled inside and outside the UFC Octagon, the fight will continue to live in the UFC’s notoriety. Both men faced a long outage due to their role in the struggle that hurt the biggest UFC pay-per-view ever.

Nurmagomedov v Poirier | UFC 242 | September 7, 2019

Nurmagomedov lifted his ban and returned to unite the division against the newly crowned interim champion Dustin Poirier.

“Diamond” is a giant underdog heading to the match, easily dealt with by Nurmagomedov, who sank naked in the third round, despite a short moment of success.


McGregor and Poirier were forced to rebuild in 2020 after countering Nurmagomedov.

The Irish won their first victory since 2016 when they fought MMA veterans at Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 in January 2020. McGregor usually took only 40 seconds to send a tough “cowboy”.

Poirier has returned to the line of victory over top lightweight candidate Dan Hooker. The pair came and went in a five-round full-scale war at UFC Vegas 4. Poirier won the unanimous decision victory with what proved to be one of the best fights 2020 had to offer.

Another year of side business, McGregor is back. This time, we will play Poirier, a fighter who is completely different from the fighter we faced in 2014. In this match between two of MMA’s best strikers, everything points to an absolute classic.

Who do you think will win the UFC 257? Conor McGregor or Dustin Poirier?

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Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier: The Story So Far Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier: The Story So Far

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