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Conor McGregor According to SBG Ireland’s head coach, he wants to get things back soon with Dustin Poirier. John Cabana..

Former UFC lightweight and featherweight champions want to set up a trilogy battle with Poirier before the summer of 2021. McGregor (22-5 MMA, 10-3 UFC), who defeated Poirier in 2014, Lost in the second round TKO In a rematch at UFC 257 last Saturday.

McGregor was stopped after winning the first round with all three judges’ scorecards. McGregor looked good early on and led to some solid shots, but Poirier managed to slow down McGregor with a leg kick and finish the Irish star with a second punch. It’s done.

Only a few days after the rematch, McGregor has already thought about the trilogy and confirmed his score.

“We’re already harassing everyone to win the rematch, so we want to rematch,” Cabana told UFC broadcast partners. ESPN.. “I don’t think Dustin is against it. It would be great if we could rematch before the summer.

“If not, I don’t really know. Maybe he (McGregor) drifts into boxing, so the MMA community helped me here, stood behind me, begging the UFC, and he If you can give him an early fight instead of delaying another fight, you won’t lose him in boxing for six months.

According to Cabana, McGregor doesn’t just want a trilogy. He hopes that the third Poirier battle will take place in an empty lightweight title on the line.

Currently, Habib Nurmagomedov holds the belt for £ 155, but he retired in October. UFC President Dana White has continued to persuade Nurmagomedov to regain his retirement, but was granted after UFC 257. Impossible..

Cabana said the title shot would be a great motivation for McGregor and added that he believed it was the right way to score Poirier.

“That’s a big impetus,” explained Kavanagh. “It’s 1-1. They’re just above the rankings and are very popular fighters.

“I think the two are a beautiful match. Stylistically, it’s beautiful to see. I want to see a lot of rounds between them. Dustin is clearly confident in his highs and experience. And he’s gaining weight. He took some of those shots. I’m sure his confidence is very high so far. Fix that technique with his legs and a few others Must be, but probably Dustin vs. Connor 3 on the belt in May, that would be great. “

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Conor McGregor wants Dustin Poirier trilogy for a vacant UFC title Conor McGregor wants Dustin Poirier trilogy for a vacant UFC title

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