Conor McGregor will be “reorganized” with an interest in the Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz trilogy. – MMA Sports

Conor McGregor I am eager to fight again. But on rare occasions, he doesn’t seem to know exactly what will happen next.

Lightweight main event on Saturday UFC 257 I saw a show in Abu Dhabi McGregor loses in knockout For the first time in his career, he fell 1-1 in the series Dustin Poirier It dates back to September 2014. It was a disappointing return for McGregor, who fought for the first time since the 40-second TKO victory. Donald Cerrone January last year.

McGregor attended the post-combat presser in the evening to explore how his future unfolds.

“I will certainly reorganize,” he said. “I will reorganize and regain myself. Get up from the floor and go again, and that’s it. Style fights, there are many great style matchups. I and Dustin are 1 -1, with me Nate [Diaz] It is 1-1. There are many good matches for me. We take a different approach to the trilogy we feel in Dustin. Because these leg kicks are not spoiled. That calf kick, low calf kick, I’ve never experienced it and it was good.

“It’s not that I don’t have the style to switch it and keep it away. There are many more weapons I couldn’t show. It wasn’t my night, it wasn’t a great night. But Again, there is no excuse, put on a hat, reorganize and regain yourself. I’m looking forward to coming back now, seeing the kids, and just licking, guy. It’s a game It’s a bastard. “

McGregor reiterated that he was happy to be able to compete again after the March virus outbreak, even after the COVID-19 pandemic prevented many fighters from booking matches. He was also lucky to be able to take the children in Abu Dhabi, and he expects a third child in the summer.

McGregor believes he has a choice, despite having suffered a second defeat in three battles. Three years ago he negotiated a blockbuster match against a boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Junior There was a story about McGregor recently Faced with another boxing superstar, Manny Pacquiao..Another crossover match will prevent McGregor’s feet from being abused as follows: They were in the battle of Poirier..

“There is no leg kick in boxing,” McGregor said. “No, look. I always wanted to focus on my MMA career. But I’m also open. I just see what happens and I don’t know what will happen. That I don’t know because Manny’s fight was happening, it was as good as it was done. I just want to get in and go back to bounce especially against that style of fighter, those Don’t take kicks. Don’t play with those kicks. “

McGregor said at a post-match press conference that he did not feel the negative effects of Saturday’s fighting, despite some bruising on his face and visible swelling around his right calf during the fighting. .. He didn’t say anything about when to fight again, but welcomed the third fight between Poirier and Diaz when the offer finally came.

“I think both are pretty big,” McGregor said of which trilogy match was more interesting to him. “There are also two southpaws. This is interesting. Both are there, so let’s see what happens.”

McGregor, who had just lost to Poirier, admitted that he was inclined to do it because it was so “fresh”. Based on the rankings, winning his series in Poirier would theoretically bring him closer to another shot in the UFC title. After all, the belt has been redesigned since he last wore the UFC Championship and is the prize he wants to have in the trophy room.

“I want to get back on horseback and secure a new belt with the Irish flag,” McGregor said. “As long as you stay active, as long as you are competing, anything can happen in this business. Things shape around you, do you know what I mean? You Show up, get paid, and that’s it. That’s what happened to Dustin tonight, and it happened to me tonight, so I’m definitely on the lookout for the award. “

– MMA Sports

Conor McGregor will be “reorganized” with an interest in the Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz trilogy. Conor McGregor will be “reorganized” with an interest in the Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz trilogy.

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