Consumer rights group launches joint investigation of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift

Consumer rights groups in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Clovenia and Slovakia, along with the European Consumer Organization (BEUC), contacted switch owners to address issues with “Joy”. We encourage you to disclose it. -“Condrift” in use of the console’s removable controller

Joy-Con drift is a problem where the switch controller outputs movement as if the joystick was moved, even though the joystick was not touched in the neutral position.

This can be quite frustrating when Nintendo Switch owners collectively realize that it’s a widespread hardware flaw that appears to be affecting the Switch Joy-Cons and Switch Lite’s built-in joysticks. This is the problem that I created.

According to VGC, the joint investigation aims to initiate a dialogue with Nintendo and encourages console makers to address issues that have existed with Joy-Con controllers for some time.

If that is not possible, a translation of the Consumers Association statement states that the group is ready to bring the matter to court.

This may not be the first time Nintendo has been accused of peddling defective hardware in proceedings. Just last year, a class action proceeding in the United States gathered multiple testimonies from Switch owners who had problems with Joy-Con. This includes one individual who has experienced drift issues with both the new controller and the newly repaired controller.

The US class action then moved to arbitration after the judge determined that the purchase of the Nintendo Switch Console would bind the owner to a valid arbitration agreement with Nintendo.

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