“Contract” Mass Effect TV Series on Amazon

Commander Shepard seems to soon install his favorite TV in Citadel. According to the new report Amazon Studios To “make a contract” to develop Mass effect A TV series based on BioWare’s iconic role-playing series.

According to a Deadline report, if Amazon’s Lord of the Rings and Wheel of Time series weren’t enough to satisfy their thirst for all of science fiction and fantasy, the company is also considering adapting to the classic video game series. ..

In an interview with Amazon Studios boss Jennifer Salke, Deadline states that the deal is nearing completion but has not yet been finalized. That is, Amazon and EA have not yet fully agreed to the project.

There are no story details, and whether this is an original story set up in the Mass Effect universe, a story related to a video game series, or one adapted from one of the myriad non-game entries in the universe. stage.

Things can still get worse with this project, given that creatives had previously struggled to get Mass Effect’s adaptations on track. See how badly the Mass Effect movie once tried has panned out.

If you’re dreaming of more Mass Effect content in this news, you’ll be pleased to know that another game in the franchise is currently under development at BioWare and is likely to include Geth.

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