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Control is very important — what is a truck? !! ??

Health knows that Chad Brueck, president of CRST’s Rapid Solutions, is a valuable asset. He is a marathon runner, fitness enthusiast, and newly created group fitness instructor, whose discipline leads to good business practices.

Brueck has used CRST to handle the truck loading of pharmaceuticals and has seen industry changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Brueck said CRST is focused on working with each client to deliver the product in the safest and most controlled way possible.

“The process is the process of transporting the vaccine,” said Brueck, who wasn’t much different from a truck carrying the vaccine. “We’ve been doing this for 25 years and we’re well equipped to handle it safely and reliably,” he said, citing the continued use of locked trailers and escorted luggage. did.

In the future, CRST aims to strengthen partnerships with vendors and customers to ensure a streamlined process. Brueck said he has always questioned “where are the potential obstacles and how to eliminate them” as one of the common end goals of successful delivery.

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Control is very important — what is a truck? !! ?? Control is very important — what is a truck? !! ??

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