Control: Ultimate Edition Cloud Version Review

Control was one of the best games of 2019 and one of the most burdensome games in terms of graphic fidelity. Even on the powerful PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, the protagonist Jesse Faden hitchhikes objects telekinetically by hugging objects to his enemies, destroying the Federal Administration’s office, and throwing paper and wood shards. I sometimes had trouble with it, dropping the frame, and so on. All directions of her awakening.

High graphics requirements seem to prevent Control from running on the Nintendo Switch, a game console that is less powerful than compatible consoles from Sony and Microsoft. However, Nintendo and publisher 505 Games have found streaming as a workaround. With the release of Control: Ultimate Edition, cloud technology is being leveraged to bring games to Nintendo’s small hybrid console, and the results are stunningly powerful. With a stable internet connection (I said my switch is down about 30 mbps and up 8.2 mbps via WiFi), Control works very well on a switch with all the options. Killer titles if you didn’t have the chance to check out Remedy Entertainment, this is a good way to do so.

If you’re not used to it, Control infuse supernatural powers, moving walls and freeing you in Oldest House, a brutal concrete office building of seemingly impossible scale. Here is the FBC, a government agency specializing in the investigation, protection and containment of “supernatural” objects and entities. If it’s supernatural, weird, or perhaps related to another dimension, it’s the authority of the bureau-but the building owns many of the bureau’s employees and turns its back on the survivors, a spectrum called hiss. Was invaded by the power of.

As Peter Brown wrote at GameSpot last year, “If you’ve played Remedy Games’ past work, you’ll quickly recognize the studio’s footprint. Control’s story plays with harsh truths and weird themes. Everything is a serious problem, unless it is. ”T and a dark sense of humor creep in and provide a momentary rest. It contains a lot of FMV shorts. The combat system is very similar to the Microsoft Limited Edition in the studio and is designed to be an agile and destructive equivalent part. , Quantum Break. Combat aside, the game felt like a step away from what Remedy was best at. The control feels like Remedy has found its footprint again. “


Like Jesse, Hiss fights with a combination of guns and psychokinesis, levitating, throwing things in his head, creating shields from random debris, and even pointing Hiss towards you, many supernatural. It is necessary to use various functions. Combat is always fun, a combination of enthusiastic gunplay and transforming service weapons, and it’s always on the move so you won’t be overwhelmed.

On the Switch, there are two types of Control: Enhanced Performance mode and Enhanced Graphics mode. The former prioritizes frame rate over powerful graphical jewelery like the latter’s ray tracing, but in reality, both modes give an impressive visual of the control without much concern for the difference. To capture Especially in handheld mode, where the small screen of the switch helps hide low-resolution features, the graphics are pretty gorgeous without the lighting effects, hair details, and reflective layers possible with the enhanced graphics mode. There is a tendency to deliver.

However, extended mode looks great both when the switch is handheld and when it is docked. The biggest weakness of Switch’s graphic fidelity is that the game can look a bit hazy than other versions, either by combining streaming restrictions or the low resolution of a typical Switch. However, this is a small weakness. The controls display multiple beautiful images and high fidelity faces, especially when in motion, in either handheld mode or TV mode. Extended mode enjoys more beautiful lighting effects and other touches, while performance mode is certainly like a graphical downgrade, but it’s pretty small. Both handheld and TV control modes are clean.

Frame rate is where the two control modes appear to be the most different. With enhanced graphics, the frame rate is already a bit lower than in enhanced performance mode, which is even lower on a daily basis on both handhelds and TVs. A low frame rate will not compromise your ability to play the game, even during a tough and busy firefight of controls, but will now render the game a lot of explosions, enemies, shootings, and other effects. When it worked, the slowdown was noticeable.

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Keep in mind that frame rate issues are probably the biggest issue the game faces in both modes. This is likely to be a streaming feature, and frame drops are a fairly common issue, but similar frame rate drops plague PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions of Control due to graphics demands. You may. In any case, performance mode doesn’t solve the frame rate issue, but after about 4 hours of playing the game, hitching and slowdowns are always minor and don’t affect your ability to actually enjoy the game. was.

Control is a difficult game on any platform, requires fast reflexes and relentlessly targets enemies that attack you. However, Switch’s Joy-Con is not always ready for tasks. The thumbstick is notorious for being a little loose and floating, and can be frustrating if you aim it accurately with a gun. This issue is mitigated by what feels like an increase in aim assist that works very well here-I never felt that playing on the switch was significantly tougher than on other platforms, and of control. In difficult battles, Jesse is just as fast and formidable supernatural combatant on PC or PS4. But the shot needs to be accurate, especially when the enemy is unloading you with a machine gun, rocket, or floating, as you have to swing the target’s reticle too much on the target to try to track it. A lump of concrete that can be frustrating for some moments.

There are some minor issues, but control streaming on Switch is impressive. Even a few rooms away from the WiFi router, the game was always well processed and after the fight with Hiss I was able to fight without worrying about anything other than less than the optimal frame rate. This isn’t the most beautiful looking version of Control, but it’s also nothing to ridicule, boosted by the opportunity to play such big, technically demanding games on handheld systems. Adventure in Switch’s oldest home feels great in most cases. This is a surefire and convenient way if you haven’t experienced one of the best of 2019 (along with all DLC) yet.

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