Core features of career success

There are patterns of behavior among very successful managers, and we believe that studying what works will help others to succeed without experiencing the same bumps and obstacles.

These are the six features that have made me believe that many hiring managers and hiring managers capture much of what they want from a candidate.

Persistence Most senior staff can say without hesitation to put this trait at the top of the list. Yes, you have to be smart, and you have to know your particular area of ​​expertise. But you need to stick to the problem and have the discipline and tenacity to see it completely.

concentration.. Concentration provides the enthusiasm of a particular “missionary”, which is a multiplier of permanence. The focus is to spotlight the central task in front of you and direct your energy into a single pursuit. Have you ever heard the expression of a person who is “single-minded pursuit”? That is the focus.

Inner belief.. Successful people have a spiritual attitude that things work for them. It’s not the positive attitude of the fake “Lara” professed by motivational speakers. I generally refer to a bright worldview. By applying a positive worldview and focusing on a lot of tenacity, you can achieve much more than carrying around the bad attitudes caused by the morning traffic on your way to work.

Flexibility.. When successful people encounter difficulties, they look at the problem from the other direction and beat it very tenaciously. But if all your efforts don’t make progress, you’re flexible and go in a completely different direction. If you are not flexible, you will hit the wall.

Communication network.. You don’t need the skills of a salesperson caller to build a network. It’s about people who want to get along with you because you fulfill your promises and give back to your partner. This network is generally one of the reasons people move upwards.

Critical thinking. All the top professionals have the ability to reason well. They know how to quickly reach the root of the problem and use critical thinking skills to make good decisions. And instead of being paralyzed by the effects of important decisions, they act by combining critical analysis with the momentum of progress.

There is another key characteristic that connects these six. passion.. You need to be passionate about your work. That passion for your work will often lead you to the right job for the right partner or the right employer.

Understand these half a dozen traits, integrate them into your work life and apply your passion freely. As a result, one day you will see quite a lot of career opportunities as others begin to consider you a highly hired professional in your own rights.

Rick Kristensen: Career Transition Practice Director

Rick has been a career consultant for nearly 30 years, serving a very wide variety of clients. His area of ​​expertise includes effective group facilitation, one-on-one coaching, and consultation at all levels, including senior management.

Rick’s passion is to guide individuals through career transitions, develop career management strategies, and identify and sharpen their ability to open doors to new opportunities. His efforts have helped thousands of individuals reach their full potential.

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Core features of career success Core features of career success

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