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CoreLogic Rebrands Matrix, Realists, and Trestle Products

Visit the CoreLogic Listing Management Platform, Property Insights Platform, and Property Data Marketplace.

Real estate data and software company CoreLogic is rebranding its products and services, including products familiar to agents and brokers such as Matrix and Realist.

Matrix is ​​by far the most popular Multiple Listing Service platform in the United States and Canada with over 1 million users and has been renamed to the CoreLogic Listing Management Platform. Realist, the company’s public record database that integrates with MLS nationwide, has become the CoreLogic Property Insights Platform. The company also Data management platform Trestle Go to CoreLogic Properties Data Marketplace.

“The renaming is part of a larger branding initiative to create a fresh and engaging brand that stands out from our competitors,” CoreLogic spokeswoman Robin Wachner told Inman in an email.

Wachner said CoreLogic will completely rename products and services to simplify the way companies present them. CoreLogic New website In June, products will be “searched” (for market trends, property lists, asset information products), “purchased” (for digital mortgages, risk management, property tax products), and “protected” (for risk assessment). I classified it. , Claim management and risk management products).

“Our aim was to make it easier for current and future clients to understand how our products solve problems throughout the real estate journey,” she said.

“When organizing our services by’search, buy, protect’, we wanted to provide a focus, simplicity and unity of functionality, and a powerful and simple representation of where we are and where we are going in the future. This included integrating traditional names into the CoreLogic brand to eliminate confusion, add value to the master brand, and provide clients and prospects with the clarity they need. “

For now, CoreLogic shows the legacy name of the product in parentheses next to the new name on the website. However, according to Wachner, these legacy names will be phased out in 2022.

“We are currently relaxing the new name with our clients this quarter,” she said.

CoreLogic will rename the product company-wide from now until the end of the year, she added.

“This is a very interesting strategy by CoreLogic,” said Victor Lund, a WAV Group real estate industry consultant. Blog post. “No one knew that Trestle was a data marketplace or Matrix was an MLS system. It’s pretty clear now.”

Lund also pointed out what’s difficult for agents who have been referencing CoreLogic’s products for years with a short monica familiar with them.

“How long does it take to learn a new name …” Lund wrote.

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CoreLogic Rebrands Matrix, Realists, and Trestle Products CoreLogic Rebrands Matrix, Realists, and Trestle Products

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