CornPOP will be released on Android and iOS version will be released at a later date | Article

Atomnius’ CornPOP has just been released on Android devices, and the iOS version will be released later.

This is a game that developers describe as “a simple game that is not easy to learn.” In it, tap the kernel that jumps into the popcorn that appears on the screen. Pop each one for quick, continuous display, get more points the faster you go, and get rewarded for heading to the leaderboard.

Next, you need to handle the special items that appear on the screen. The golden bomb is a handy piece that pops all the kernels on the screen at the same time, but you should also be aware of the bomb piece that tries to ruin the high score. If you tap the wrong bomb, the game may end prematurely and return to the beginning. If you blow up a black bomb, you only lose one life, but a red bomb can give you an immediate game overprompt.

CornPOP requires skillful practice of timing and tap skills to avoid false bombs and learn to hit incredibly high scores. Thanks to the in-game achievement system, you can also track how this practice progresses while you play the game.

If you feel you’ve practiced enough and want to take it up a notch, there’s also an online mode where you can play against your friends to determine who has the highest score and is the ultimate popcorn maker.

CornPOP will be available on Google Play for Android later today. An iOS version will come later, but Atomnius hasn’t yet revealed when that will happen. Games that include ads are free to play.

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