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Corporate Sustainability Innovation Turns Competitors into Collaborators

As more companies begin to shift their operational structures and processes towards something that benefits both climate change and revenue, it becomes clear that there is more than one right path.

In a Monday episode of FreightWaves NOW, FreightWaves Financial and Emerging Markets Managing Director Danny Gomez interviewed Convoy’s Head of Sustainability Jennifer Wong about the business of sustainability. And Signa.

“When the series started 18 months ago, I started talking to more sustainability leaders, and because sustainability really depends on the company’s key issues, it lacks a fairly clear meaning of sustainability in the corporate environment. I noticed that. ” won. “One company may be interested in environmental priorities, while another may be focused on social impact. This series focuses on sustainability for 25 years. We focus on the best practices from the companies we have applied and the advice from the companies we are just starting out. “

Sustainability efforts require all hands, so companies that were previously considered competitors become innovation partners. Wong recalled his conversation with Norfolk Southern’s Chief Susability Officer, Josh Lagran. Josh Lagran introduced the concept of having a sustainability-focused employee advisory board to influence the direction of progress.

“Employees are a huge stakeholder in this area of ​​business,” Wong said. “You don’t have to have a sustainability background to make this kind of change. Convoys have lots of ideas from engineering, product and operations leaders. They find opportunities and mutually You can see useful results. “

After more than 25 interviews with companies around the world, Wong has learned that goal setting helps companies alleviate the difficult nature of sustainability initiatives. She also emphasized the importance of tracking progress based on data and insights. This allows companies to not only keep track of progress within their ecosystem, but also align it with more universal indicators.

Corporate Sustainability Innovation Turns Competitors into Collaborators Corporate Sustainability Innovation Turns Competitors into Collaborators

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