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Corteva throws a towel of Dicamba pesticide

Many proceedings and controversies surrounding Dicamba seem to have some influence.

Corteva AgriScience, one of the world’s largest pesticide companies, recently announced that it will withdraw its application for pesticides based on the highly controversial (and litigated) Decamba platform. Emily Anglesby of DTN Progressive Farmer..

Dicamba has been the subject of serious anger and legal fires over the past few years, following evidence of “Dicamba drift.” This means that pesticides tend to vaporize and float in adjacent fields and forests, damaging plants that are not designed to resist them.

Sellers of Dicamba-tolerant seeds and pesticides themselves have been working hard to come up with a less drifting version of pesticides. They received approval from the EPA for their new prescription, following a previous ban. However, Dicamba remains very controversial. There were dozens of proceedings, some of which filed proceedings against chemical companies such as Bayer. Hundreds of millions of dollars (Preliminary appeal, of course) has weakened the market for the Decamba system.

Corteva has been away from Dicamba for some time. During February Announced You will be discontinuing one prescription called FeXapan. And now, Corteva says it is essentially withdrawing the application for approval of the new Dicamba configuration from the EPA. This new configuration with dicambacholine salt was considered to be less volatile and have minimal drift. But whether or not it really is, Corteva is moving on.

The company reports that Unglesbee is focusing on the Enlist program, which includes a range of more established pesticides such as 2,4-D and glyphosate. In this case, just because it is more established, like Bayer, does not mean that it is less controversial. Recently I had to pay billions of dollars To resolve thousands of proceedings alleging that glyphosate causes cancer.

Corteva throws a towel of Dicamba pesticide Corteva throws a towel of Dicamba pesticide

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