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The introduction of the LMP3 car at the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship gives GTLM competitors a whole new dynamic in the Rolex 24-hour race as the two classes appear to be at the same pace on Daytona’s 3.56 mile road course. I did.

The fastest LMP3 car in Tomorrow’s Roar Before The 24 Qualifying Session We cleared the GTLM pole winning time by 0.5 seconds, but no other LMP3 entry outperformed all GTLM cars. The LMP3 driver lineup is also a fusion of professional and amateur drivers, with the two classes expected to interact in tomorrow’s 100-minute race and next week’s Rolex 24.

Having shared the # 4 Corvette C8.R full-time with Tommy Milner, Tandy, who will be competing with Michelin Endurance Cup driver Alexander Sims tomorrow, said: Great for racing and spectacles.

“It’s very interesting because I’m currently using LMP3 and it looks like GTLM in lap times. Also, the way they make laps is very similar, and the speed of straight lines and cornering is also similar. I am.

“The interaction between GTLM and LMP3, especially with professional drivers, is new and we all need to deal with it and integrate it together on the truck. Clarity of all cars of all classes It wasn’t easy to get a good lap.

“It’s hard, but it’s the same for everyone. The good thing is that we have a qualifying race on Sunday. It’s not 24 hours, but maybe a group of cars in the same class will interact tomorrow. After the afternoon, you’ll get better ideas about things. “

Defending IMSA GTLM Champion Taylor, who will share # 3 Corvette with Nicky Catsburg tomorrow, although his full-time partner is Antonio Garcia, said: “The name of this week’s game is a completely intact car for Rolex, learning as much as possible.

“Traffic is a big part of it and avoids these problems. You need to be very careful not to get caught up in someone else’s race,” he said.

The Sims led Corvette Racing’s efforts in qualifying on Saturday, but his best was 0.65 seconds behind Marco Wittmann’s time to win a pole at BMW.

He states: There was a red flag and nauseous rain, making it difficult to determine the grip level. Given the situation, everything went well.

“The main focus was to get a few more laps, with the practice session being a bit of a hit or miss for us. Riding 5 or 6 laps in relatively clear air, Corvette here in Daytona. I’m glad I understood.

“I look forward to practicing tonight and tomorrow night, gaining experience ahead of the Rolex 24 and continuing to lap.”

Taylor was encouraged as well, and the # 3 crew said, ” [qualifying] As another practice session to try out some development items.

“Tomorrow will be useful for qualifying, but more importantly I think I’ve found some good things to help when I come back here next week.”

# 3 Corvette Racing Corvette C8.R, GTLM: Antonio Garcia, Jordan Taylor, Nicky Catsburg

Photo: Jake Garstad / Motor sports image

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Corvette driver wary of LMP3’s impact on GTLM battles Corvette driver wary of LMP3’s impact on GTLM battles

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