Corvus Belli previews Aristeia’s Tunguska cheerleader!

January 5, 2021 by Polar_Bear

Crowds can be a real factor in any sporting event, even in arena combat. So it really helps that some cheerleaders spur them to take the crowd to the side of your team and keep them there.It is included in Alistair!, Corvus Belli sci-fi arena martial arts game. In this preview, we’ll look at the next Tunguska cheerleader team.

From the article:

One of Stadion Tunguska’s promotional slogans is Aristeia! Without a cheerleader! They do the actual show, so it’s just a game. The men’s and women’s cheerleading teams at this stadium are one of the best teams across the sphere and the competition to join them is fierce. But once inside, the show wouldn’t work without actual teamwork and perfect coordination, so the sisterhood ties that were built between the members of each group wouldn’t be broken. And the show performed by the Stadion Tunguska cheerleader is a great performance that can even make Aristeia forget! The game you were watching. Another slogan for this stadium is “Stadium Tungska has no half-time.” No one wants to leave when these cheerleaders jump into the Hexadome. In addition to the perfect physical condition required for participation, they also boast reinforced implants made at Bakunin’s Black Lab. It’s only available for a huge amount of money in Tungska and is better than anyone else in the league, so it takes the scene to a superhuman level. These ladies and gentlemen have a true army of fans and followers who want to be like them.


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