Corvus Belli previews new tournament kit for Infinity

November 20, 2020 by Polar_Bear

Introducing a new tournament kit Infiniti In ITS season 12. This will be the first in a new edition of Infinity, so Corvus Belli is looking at how it will change things, among other changes made in the meantime.

From the article:

At last, something unthinkable has come true. Due to our whims, the uncooperative spirit of the Sphere powers, Shasbasti can invade the Concilium system from Novii Bangkok and open a wormhole that the Joint Army can use to attack with the Concilium Prima. It’s done. .. The blunder of the stakeout operation pushed human back against the wall. And now we are watching for fear that alien army violence will hit the very center of the Sphere.

That is the beginning of ITS Season 12! With the fate of the human sphere between rocks and hard places. Definitely a challenging season.

A new version of Infinity, the N4, has recently arrived in our hands. That alone makes Season 12 unique. N4 needs to break through all the speculations about competitive games and revisit its list and strategy to win the ITS tournament.

It’s also a very difficult challenge, and when it comes to challenges, the biggest one is raised by COVID-19, complicating every competitive scene in the world.

For this reason, as a trend over the last few years, we have decided not to accept applications for satellite tournaments this season as the number of participants has increased and larger tournaments have been seen even if they are not satellite tournaments. It is best not to encourage large group gatherings during these times.

Another step we have taken to adapt to this new paradigm is Increase league ELO factor K from 16 to 32Make them equivalent to tournaments, as it is more feasible to hold league games than to hold major tournaments. This is our view-the league is a tournament that has expanded over time.


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