Cost of LASIK surgery in Bangalore

LASIK is an advanced surgical procedure to correct refractive errors in the eye. The average cost of LASIK surgery in Ahmedabad may vary from rupees. 35,000 rupees 1,00,000. However, this is not a definite range and may depend on various factors that determine the ultimate cost of treatment.

The cost of LASIK surgery in Ahmedabad can start at approximately Rs 35,000 – Rs 37,000 and increase to Rs 85,000 – Rs. Over 1,00,000. Prices can be even higher, depending on the technique used for surgery. Ideally, the cost of an ICL or intraocular lens in LASIK surgery is the highest in Ahmedabad. This is the most expensive form of LASIK eye treatment.

Please note that the above cost range is not clear and should only be considered for reference purposes. You can discuss the final cost thoroughly with the medical staff who will receive LASIK treatment.

However, like other treatment procedures, the cost of LASIK varies from case to case depending on several factors.

What are the factors that influence the final cost of LASIK surgery?

There are several factors that conclude the ultimate cost of LASIK treatment. Some of them are:

Exam fees vary depending on the expertise and experience of the ophthalmologist. The more experienced an ophthalmologist, the higher the examination fee. However, the average consultation fee for an experienced surgeon can range from Rs 800 to Rs 800. 1500.

The type of procedure you receive for LASIK is a major factor in the final cost of treatment. The following table shows the approximate cost range for LASIK surgical procedures.

Type of procedure Average cost
ICL surgery Rs. 80,000-rupee 1,00,000
Contura surgery Rs. 55,000-Rupies 60,000
Femto surgery Rs. 65,000-rupee 75,000
Customized surgery Rs. 50,000-Rupies 60,000
PRK surgery Rs. 40,000-rupee 1,00,000

The anesthesia doctor will inject anesthesia or eye drops, depending on the type of surgical procedure you receive.

Your doctor will prescribe some medications along with eye drops before and after LASIK treatment. The cost of the drug also affects the final cost of LASIK treatment.

Your doctor will do a thorough physical examination before you start LASIK treatment. To detect the complexity of refractive error, eye specialists recommend several diagnostic tests:

Diagnostic test Average cost
Vision test Rs.500- Rs.1000
Corneal topography Rs.800- Rs.1200
Comprehensive eye examination Rs.1000- Rs.1500
Visual field test Rs.500- Rs.800
Eye muscle function test Rs.700- Rs.1000
Pupillary light reflex test Rs.500- Rs.1000
Intraocular pressure measurement test Rs.800- Rs.1000
Expansion test Rs.500- Rs.800

There are miscellaneous expenses such as travel to an ophthalmology center and follow-up consultation that also affect the final cost of LASIK treatment.

Is LASIK surgery covered by medical insurance?

Most health insurance companies do not cover LASIK surgery because refractive errors can be corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, if your eye power exceeds 7.0 diopters, some health insurance companies cover LASIK.

Why is Pristine Care a cost-effective option for LASIK surgery in India?

If you are looking for an advanced treatment for refractive error in India, PristynCare is the best and most cost effective option. We offer advanced surgery to improve the outcome of surgery. An in-house team of board-certified ophthalmologists performs day care, painless and advanced procedures to provide comprehensive treatment to each patient. There are several factors that make PristynCare a cost-effective option for LASIK surgery in India.

  • Free taxi facilities are provided to all patients undergoing LASIK treatment on the day of surgery.
  • Free follow-up consultation after LASIK treatment is provided to assess how well you are recovering.
  • It offers flexible payment options such as cash, debit and credit cards. Zero-cost EMI is also provided to make LASIK treatment accessible.
  • Pristyn Care offers a 30% discount on all diagnostic tests that patients need to take during LASIK treatment.

Book the best LASIK surgery in India with PristynCare

You can book an appointment with the best ophthalmologist to have LASIK surgery in India. Call the number given and speak directly to our medical coordinator to find out all the details you need about your treatment. Alternatively, please fill out the required patient information in the form provided on the website. Your medical coordinator will call you as soon as possible to provide end-to-end support for LASIK treatment.

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