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Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, which first appeared in the arcade in 1991, was cute. It was a very cute shooting game. This is a side-scrolling shooter where you inadvertently look for giant candies that will save the world and play as cotton. Then it’s perfect for a 30th anniversary HD remake.

Cotton story

If you need a story of shmup action, the game begins when Cotton meets a bikini-clad fairy called Silk seeking her help. Strangely, cotton isn’t interested in helping literally magical creatures and needs to be bribed with the promise of her favorite candy, Willow, to save the world. This story is painstaking, but A few It’s appealing if you don’t mind the slightly unpleasant candy-fueled cotton antiques. It’s cute and surface level, but cotton is more annoying. But it’s nice to play a voice actor in Japanese.

Thankfully, the gameplay is much better. Line up cotton and silk on a broom and dive directly into one of the most difficult games I’ve played over the years, barrage. Enemies enter the screen from all directions and shoot all kinds of bullets that take you out with a single hit.

Thankfully, you have some magical tricks on your sleeve as defeating enemies will drop crystals that can be picked up for special attacks. These range from simple electric beams that spread across the screen to falling meteors and help handle large numbers of enemies while trying to weave between projectiles. You can also shoot these gems and change their color until they finally turn black. This gives you more powerful spells and great point bonuses, which you can chain by shooting more gems.

Cotton reboot gameplay

Create your own barrage

Play to level up and upgrade bombs to deal with basic shooting attacks and enemies living in awkward lands. As you level up, you’ll shoot more bullets, but Silk will add bullets that swirl around you. By the time you reach level 11, it’s very satisfying to wipe out the enemy’s screen with your pretty whirlpool of death. When you shoot the head of a lit dragon in combination with all the spells you cast, cover the entire screen with electricity and meteors, and combine all the enemies with their attacks, things tend to get a little busy.

Being busy means that I often died without even knowing what hit me in the midst of an attack and an enemy supernova. This may be due to looking at another part of the screen, but it may also be that so much is being done that you do not know what is being done properly.

Not only that, if an enemy enters the screen from behind, you can’t fire backwards. Sometimes you can only shoot to the right, but scroll up or scroll diagonally. This is very strange and I started pressing all the buttons on the controller in case I missed the button to rotate in some way.

Thankfully, this used to be an arcade game, but with Cotton Reboot, you can push a button in the game beyond the countdown to continue where you left off. This can confuse a very frustrating exercise of trial and error. It’s messy, but it’s still a pretty enjoyable experience. You won’t get such a high score, but that’s okay.

Cotton reboot boss

Candy boss

Despite being annoyingly difficult, we need to specifically mention the bosses of the game, which are quite original. There are two end bosses for each level to work on. I especially enjoyed the emergence of Balrog without the permission of the fully lit Tolkien Foundation.

Unfortunately, one side effect of making death very tolerant is that it’s pretty clear how short the game is. You can easily beat it in less than an hour on normal difficulty. When you’re done, unlock Silk and play, but nothing changes about the game you notice.

Remasters certainly look better than older games running at higher resolutions, and although there’s a lot more on the screen, they still look outdated. Arrange mode remasters are provided with a faithful reproduction of the original called X68000 mode, so you can compare the two in-game. It’s always just as chaotic and metallic, but the X68000 mode is a bit more satisfying as it makes it easier to find the projectile that kills you. There are also 2 and 5 minute score attack modes, and all game modes have an online leaderboard.

Cotton Reboot Review |

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