Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting Guide

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing areas of entertainment, and esports is the main reason. Video games often contain a competitive element, and over the years players have created competitions to see who can get the highest score for the fastest run. Over time, these competitions have evolved into professional video games, now known as esports.

Esports includes a variety of video games. Every game is competitive and offers a lot of exciting moments for both fans and players. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is one of the most popular esports, thanks to the advanced skills needed to excel in the game. In recent years, many sportsbooks have begun offering esports events such as CS: GO for fans to bet on. Although esports has changed significantly over time, the CS: GO tournament is still part of the most popular esports event for fans to watch and bet.

Why is Counter-Strike so popular for watching and betting?

The average monthly number of Counter-Strike players is about 400,000, and they are enjoying themselves all over the world. The game itself is a first-person shooter where two teams try to eliminate the other or achieve their goals. Each team consists of five players, one team acting as a terrorist, with the goal of placing a bomb on one of the bombs. Other teams are anti-terrorists and need to prevent terrorists from achieving their goals by eliminating them or dismantling the bombs.

Each map has different areas of defense and attack, so the game contains many tactics. Players on each team generally have different roles, and good teamwork is essential. What’s more, it’s a very relentless shooter because there are no respawns and players don’t have as much health to absorb bullets as in other games. Counter-Strike tactics and strategies combined with tense gameplay make it incredibly exciting to watch.

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular esports in the world, in addition to being thrilling to watch live. This is partly due to the exciting gameplay, but also because some of the Counter-Strike events are very large. With so many people playing the game around the world, the biggest Counter-Strike event has the biggest team and some huge potential prizes.

The biggest counter-strike event to bet

There are various Counter-Strike events and leagues around the world, and you can bet on most of the biggest events. Some sportsbooks only cover the biggest events, while others offer a variety of CS: GO events and markets.

The world’s largest CS: GO events include:

  • ESL One – The ESL One Tournament is a huge event with the world’s best teams in two different esports, Counter-Strike and Dota 2. The 2016 ESLOne tournament was held in Cologne, Germany, with a prize pool of $ 1 million. The winner of Counter Strike.
  • MLG Major Championships – The MLG Major Championships featured Top Counter-Strike teams, giving them the opportunity to compete in offline tournaments while inviting the winners of another major tournament. The 2016 edition of the MLG Major Championship features a $ 1 million prize pool, half of which was won by the tournament winners.
  • Intel Extreme Masters – A long-running Counter-Strike tournament founded by Valve and ESL, 24 teams compete for a chance to win part of the $ 1 million prize pool.
  • BLAST Premier – The BLAST Premier Competition heats up countries around the world throughout the season. At the end of the season, top teams will compete for a total prize pool of $ 1 million at the BLAST Premier Global Finals.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting Guide

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