Counter-Strike player says he was offered thousands for match-fixing

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Match-fixing of e-sports is taking place Rise There have been too many charges lately, Arrest And direct accusation Link to organized crime..And perhaps the clearest signal of how things are prevailing locally, one player talked about the amount they were offered to fix. CSGO game.

Details were part of Long report From Background explanation of ABCInvestigated the rise of match-fixing in esports. There are some juicy quotes there, including a chat with one of the Australians banned earlier this year and a commentary from the Victorian police.

For one thing, we cannot overlook the part of esports integrity regulators struggling to keep up with the volume of corruption cases. “ESIC receives about 100 match-fixing, fraud and other allegations of corruption each day,” said the ABC story.

But this quote is Esports Integrity CoalitionStephen Hannah, Director of Global Strategy, said:

“All titles have seen a huge turnaround in match-fixing, betting and esports fraud-related activities of all kinds.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, esports is only effectively online this year, and people suffering from the pandemic are also hotbeds of dangerous behavior.

But just as interesting is the reaction from one of the Australians. CS: GO Players were banned earlier this year. Joshua “JHD” Hough-Devine caught in a wave of players I bet on my game and got caught, And he told ABC about the situation in a record.

He says he likes to beat players [lot] “Shit” — it’s fair and nobody — Hough-Devine also provided this little information:

“I was offered to throw a $ 2,000 match, but that’s not what I’m doing, so I won’t take it,” Huff Divine said.

Hough-Devine wasn’t one of Australia’s top players — his Rooster 2 team was certainly playing in Australia’s top online tournaments, but the names of him and his birds are CS: GO The team was not competing for major events and so on.

So the fact that someone offers him thousands to effectively rig low-level Australians CS: GO The match is a serious problem.For one thing, Australian esports has very little money — just listen Include alliance community..Australian couple CS: GO The team can go full time, but everyone else does it on an amateur basis. And in an environment where these players, often young Australians, are juggling for study, part-time, or casual work, they may be affected by the coronavirus and restrictions.

And for their honor, the Victorian police are following the same policy. Detective Steven White told background briefings that leagues and tournaments aren’t enough to educate players and teams on how to handle everything.

“Due to lack of education from leagues, tournaments, or game publishers, players may not even know the rules for managing esports bets and how to recognize and report on the match-fixing approach,” White said. I am.

Reading the Hough-Devine quote above, it seems pretty accurate.

The whole ABC article is pretty spectacularJust to show how much Australia is exposed to this kind of corruption. Australians love video games, they love competition, they love betting. And given what the coronavirus did to the habits of the game, promoting esports competition and keeping many people trapped, match-fixing would be even worse. Especially if the only integrity regulator in the scene is out of resources.

This post was originally Appeared in Kotaku Australia..

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