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MLW Promoter Coat Bauer Sit with Alfred Nonuwa of Forbes Let’s talk about MLW’s move to ViceTV.

During the interview, Bauer was also asked about potential partnerships with WWE.It was reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter last week MLW and WWE were talking Regarding potential work relationships. Subsequent report from PW Insider He claimed that there was no discussion between the two promotions.

Bauer played shy, saying he was open to all possibilities if he had the opportunity.

“Collaboration requires a long-term vision and a true commitment to enrich both parties,” Bauer said. “We have some interesting conversations with some interesting people. Two-way relationships that are mutually beneficial for businesses, talents and fans and have long-term sustainability. If there is, we always look it up. You can’t be one-sided. I don’t kiss the ring, I don’t need verification. “

“We are competing with 2 billion millionaires, Still growing in deals like ViceTV We broadcast MLW weekly in more than 20 countries, expanding our footprint overseas. If a company is willing to seek ways to disrupt meaningful systems or to strengthen the businesses of both parties, those opportunities need to be evaluated. “

Bauer continued. “It’s not just that you’re recognized as a millionaire, and suddenly you say,” Okay, how can you serve as a master? ” It’s not happening. Then what does it mean to be in business? meaningless. It may be cool if both sides can get something from it, it is rewarding, and there is a strategy that is beneficial to both sides. Is it easy to accomplish such a thing? Absolutely not. “

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Courtbauer-Wrestling on rumors of WWE / MLW work relationships Courtbauer-Wrestling on rumors of WWE / MLW work relationships

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