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Covid-19 Bruce: Approximately 40,000 students opting out of the July exam: ICAI Chief

The top executive of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) confirmed that the July edition of the CA exam, which prioritizes careers while fearing the threat and consequences of Covid-19, featured students of around Rs 33,000.

“Approximately 40,000 of the registered 37,000 rupee students opted out for Covid-19 reasons. Approximately 33,000 rupee students participated in the exam,” said Nihar Jambusaria, president of ICAI. Told. BusinessLine..

He said both the final and mid-term exams for the July edition have been completed and the basic course exams are expected to be completed this week (July 24-31).

Jambusaria informs the Central Council that ICAI is “well prepared (for adopting the Covid protocol) to conduct trials,” despite some activists approaching the Supreme Court. He said he did. He pointed out that the SC allowed the CA Institute to proceed as planned while passing instructions to provide students with opt-out facilities.

It can be recalled that the CA Institute had to recreate the previously announced opt-out option for chartered accountant applicants taking the July exam to meet the Supreme Court’s instructions.

After the recast, candidates were entitled to exercise the option to opt out if, either personally or as a family member (living on the same premises) recently became infected with Covid-19. April 15, 2021.

In addition, in line with the SC Directive, ICAI states that it will comply with the practitioner’s certificate registered for this purpose and does not need to generate RT-PCR test results with the request. Opt out.

Previously, ICAI stipulated that opt-out offers are only available if the candidate submits a Covid-positive RT-PCR report with the infected person’s Aadhaar card (possibly a subject or relative). I did.


ICAI also allowed candidates affected by the blockade during the exam to opt out and announced that the July 2021 exam would not be treated as an attempt by such students. Such candidates were allowed to appear in the next old and new syllabus exam in November 2021. This was convenient for students as some states were blocked and extended it during the exam.

Test center

In line with the SC Directive, ICAI has allowed candidates to opt out if there is a last-minute change in a test center in any city, or if the test center is located in a containment zone. The opt-out facility was available even if the CA test could not be conducted in any test center / city due to restrictions imposed by the central government / state government / local government.

The basic course exam has been postponed for one month (from June 24th to July 24th) due to the situation of Covid-19.

Covid-19 Bruce: Approximately 40,000 students opting out of the July exam: ICAI Chief Covid-19 Bruce: Approximately 40,000 students opting out of the July exam: ICAI Chief

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