COVID-19 caused more trauma than World War II, WHO says

“And now, even with this Covid pandemic, on a larger scale, more lives are being affected, and almost the entire world is being affected.”

“The WHO chief added that the massive trauma caused by the pandemic is more than proportional and even greater than what the world has experienced after World War II.’

“Countries need to see it that way and prepare for it,” he warned.

Evidence of massive trauma was presented by other organizations, such as the International Council of Nurses, which warned on January 13 of the effects of a pandemic on the mental health of nurses.

At the same press conference, Michael Ryan, secretary-general of the WHO Health Emergency Program, said that large-scale trauma is contagious because “it is very difficult to maintain behavior to stop the epidemic” for affected communities. He said it could even affect.

“Mental health and psychosocial support for individuals and communities is central to all recovery plans, and those plans need to be costly,” he said.

According to Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s Covid-19 Technical Lead, “Government, communities, families and individuals need more emphasis to protect our well-being.”

According to Johns Hopkins University, the total number of Covid-19 cases worldwide has exceeded 116 million and the death toll has exceeded 2.57 million.

In the latest update on Saturday morning, the University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed that the current global number of cases and deaths is 116,030,165 and 2,578,988, respectively.

Source: IANS

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