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On Thursday, Abu Dhabi’s Bureau of Culture and Tourism frowned when it announced that three upcoming UFC events (ABC 1 UFC, UFC 257, and ESPN 20 UFC) would be held. Limited number of fans participate.. The event will take place on January 16, 20 and 23 at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi.

The announcement was a bit shocking, as UFC President Dana White said after UFC 255: What I don’t do is that I’m not going to sell 5,000 tickets in the 10,000-seat arena. I would rather stay (in Las Vegas). “

Etihad Arena has a capacity of 18, TSN’s Arlong Bronstetter (Via UFC) “The safety and well-being of our guests and staff is our number one priority, so we have a capacity of about 2000 people per UFC event per game.”

The initial announcement of fan participation did not include event safety measures.However, when the three fight card tickets were released, the safety protocol of the person who bought the ticket was Etihad Airways website:

1. Upon arrival at the venue entrance, all spectators will be subject to a valid 48-hour PCR test, thermal scan and ticket check.Audience must present AlHosn app or medical center report for valid 48-hour PCR test

2. Audiences showing signs of high fever or not undergoing a valid 48-hour PCR COVID-19 test will be denied admission without a refund to the ticket.

3. You are required to wear a face mask at all times in the venue, even when you are seated.

4. Adhere to the guidelines for social distance in and around the venue

5. Contactless payment is required

6. Food and non-alcoholic beverages can be ordered from the seat, through a hawker, or through physical concessions at the venue.

7. Alcohol is available through physical concessions with hawkers at the venue.

8. Venue disinfection is done before the event

9. Disinfectants will be placed around the venue

by Mayo Clinic PCR test:

… Detects viral genetic material using an experimental technique called the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Liquid samples are collected by inserting a long nasal swab (nasopharyngeal swab) into the nostril and collecting the fluid from behind the nose, or by taking a sample using a short nasal swab (middle turbinate swab). .. In some cases, a long swab may be inserted into the back of the throat (oropharyngeal swab) or spit into a tube to produce a saliva sample. It can take minutes for on-site analysis, days for sending to an external lab, or even longer where there is a delay in the test process. PCR tests are very accurate if performed properly by a healthcare professional, but rapid tests can miss some cases.

Other details about arena safety:

Bringing bags and strollers is prohibited

The arena is paperless — tickets must be downloaded to mobile devices

The requirement for social distance is always to be 2 meters away from people outside the group.

The sticker shows the safe distance of the area where the fans need to be lined up

Contactless payment is recommended at the venue

No re-entry to the arena

Original ID required (passport, UAE and CCC ID card only)

Fans should take up to 1 hour for COVID-19 and security checks

Tickets for the January 16th and January 20th events range from $ 162 to $ 353 (both are approximate as they are converted to US dollars).

Single event tickets for the UFC 257 ticket are sold out, but seats for that event are available if packaged for one or both of the January 16th and 20th events.

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COVID-19 Safety Protocol Announced for Fans Participating in UFC Fight Island Card COVID-19 Safety Protocol Announced for Fans Participating in UFC Fight Island Card

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