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Covid: WHO warns of concerns that Omicron may cause storage of new vaccines

NS Surprised by the emergence of Omicron variants on Thursday, developed countries could step up storage of COVID-19 vaccines, re-squeeze global supply, and complicate efforts to eradicate pandemics. Expressed concern.

The United Nations Health Organization has been working on the widespread use of boosters in their populations after a meeting of experts on vaccination so that populous countries can instead send doses to low-income countries with little access. I repeated the advice to the government. they.

Dr. Kate O’Brien, Head of Immunity, Vaccines and Biology at WHO, says that stopping the disease means that everyone at particular risk of the disease is vaccinated.

We seem to be looking away from the ball in the countries.

The few months shortage of the COVID-19 vaccine has begun to ease in the past two months or so, and the dose is finally increasing to the countries where it is needed, through donations and UN-sponsored COVAX programs. I hope to continue.

It has long blamed vaccine inequity, which has spread most doses to people in developed countries, whose leaders have blocked large stockpiles as a precautionary measure.

Given what happens to Omicron, there is a risk that, in a sense, the world’s supply will go beyond vaccination opportunities and return to high-income countries that store vaccines. -A regrettable approach, O’Brien said.

That wouldn’t work, she added. It doesn’t work from an epidemiological point of view. It also doesn’t work in terms of infection unless you actually vaccinate all the countries. This is because the subspecies are born from the place where the infection continues.

Some wealthy governments want to take every step to bring the population closer to full. As much as possible.

Many questions remain about the severity, infectivity, and resistance of the new Omicron mutant, which emerged in southern Africa last month and showed signs of spreading faster than the widespread and deadly delta mutant that is currently causing the pandemic. increase.

O’Brien sought a rational and global perspective on what would actually shut down this pandemic.

For Omicron, the tools are at hand, with choices to choose from, and in the next few days and weeks, we will decide in what direction the world will go.

Nevertheless, WHO states that individuals in developed countries should follow government policy. Some are tempting people to get boosters, which are additional doses aimed at weakening immunity from early jabs that decline over time.

Individuals in one country will not ship their doses to other countries because they do not take them, O’Brien said.

“It is the government of the country, not the individual, that makes the decisions that may affect the equitable distribution of vaccines to other countries.

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Covid: WHO warns of concerns that Omicron may cause storage of new vaccines Covid: WHO warns of concerns that Omicron may cause storage of new vaccines

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