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Based in Medicine Hat, Arta, HALO Air Ambulance is raising funds through its first annual lottery. This year’s prizes include standard early bird prizes, but the final prizes are a bit different from cars and show homes.

The highest award offer is worth $ 50,000, or the equivalent of a breeding cow from HALO’s sponsor Highline Angus.

HALO Air Ambulance covers more than 50,000 square kilometers, has more than 239,000 inhabitants, and has visitors to southern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan.

The medi-vac service is run by a 12-member volunteer board and three paid positions: Secretary-General, Financing Manager, and Administrative Assistant.

With the addition of the Twin Engine helicopter in 2018, HALO has quintupled service calls and increased operating costs. A pandemic has hampered face-to-face financing events and a lack of sustainable funding from the state government. HALO relies on community support to continue its service..

Tickets for the HALO Cattle Er’Cash Lottery are currently on sale and are currently raising $ 78,200. Ticket sales will end on November 23, and the grand prize lottery date will be November 24, 2021. Learn more about. Here..

Cow cash? – Real Agriculture Cow cash? – Real Agriculture

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