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Batman: Arkham Knight – Unexpected Horror (Photo: WB Game)

One reader cites the most horrifying moments he has ever encountered in a video game from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Resident Evil 7.

It’s Halloween, so I decided to look into some of the games and things that surprised me.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – The moon of blood rises

Why does this game crawl me? It’s a family-friendly children’s game, but there are ways to feel uneasy about music. I think the creepiest thing is that the enemy may stand up during the Blood Moon. Still, unless I wake up Lynel again, I think it’s more anxious than scary.
Rating of dirty trousers: 2/10 (light markings only)

Batman: Arkham Knight – Manbat

Arkham’s game is always a little creepy, about the morgue scene in the first game, the strange robot in Wonder City in the second game. But the biggest horror is jump scare when you first encounter Man-Bat at Arkham Knight. But after the first horror, the situation is not so bad.

Rating of dirty pants: 4/10 (dirt may remain)

Resident Evil – Zombie dog

The first Resident Evil was the first thorough horror game I played. I can’t remember much of the game and have never completed it. But I still remember the horror of running through the window and the horror of a zombie dog attacking me. Sure, it’s one of the best jump scares ever, and the fact that fear doesn’t stop there is more effective than most cases when dogs chase down corridors.

Dirty trousers rating: 6/10 (better to get vanish)

Far Cry 5 – Haunted house

Again, it’s another embarrassing game that shouldn’t really scare me, but it’s still. It was a toss-up between the prepper stash you enter the underground cave and the prepper stash of the haunted house with the creeping bliss-infected “angel”. Why does it surprise me? It’s a stupid haunted house. Even the real one doesn’t scare me. Kudos Ubisoft, I can’t sleep now.

Dirty trousers rating: 7/10 (requires hot wash)

Resident Evil 2 Remake – Mr. X

God, there are many things in this game that give me chills. The first licker encounter, the gas station at the start of the game. Another runner-up was the section with the morgue and cell with parking, which was totally tense. But in the end, Mr. X always appears. He may have a flashy hat that you can shoot down, and his name may sound like a Twitter handle, but he’s been so obsessed with his pursuit. It doesn’t matter when you are. Every time I hear those sinister footsteps, I panic.

Rating of dirty trousers: 8/10 (dry cleaner ring)

Last of Us Part 2 – Rat King
I’m okay for strange reasons when playing some of the games with friends in Ellie / Abbey. Oh, Joel, you grow a manly beard and inflate me. And your rev can save me from scary monsters, even if you’re half the size of Abbey. But when I have to go alone, it becomes more anxious.

The best example of this is the surgical room section. I’ve already seen spoilers in this part of the game, but if anything it made me more edgy. It’s very tense and atmospheric, it’s scary when the Rat King finally arrives, it falls apart, and it’s even more disturbing when the stalker is running around about it.

Dirty trousers rating: 9/10 (better to go to the store to buy new trousers)

Resident Evil 7 – All (especially in VR mode)
As someone who experienced the first few original games on PS1, I was interested in playing the latest article after the review declared it as a return to the form of the series. The first person view makes things more intense. While playing the game, I managed to get over my first fight with Jack in the garage and gave up scared.

When I bought the PlayStation VR, I decided I wasn’t going to beat it, but this time I barely went home before giving up. VR mode was even stranger. I’m a 36 year old man, have two kids, have been working in A & E for 10 years and have been able to deal with all sorts of horrifying and crazy things, but I’m too scared to finish the video game .. shame.

Dirty trousers rating: 10/10 (on the sofa and carpet, ruined upholstery)

Happy Halloween people, especially my eldest daughter who turns 5 on Halloween. After all, nothing is more scary than parental responsibility, so it seems pretty appropriate.

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A coward’s guide to scary video games – Reader’s Feature

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