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7 years later-
CPH Creso Pharma suggests an opportunity to expand and further expand into China’s $ 39.6 billion health food market by signing a contract with a local cannabis producer.

The Australian medical cannabis company announced on Monday that it has entered into a commercial partnership with Zhejiang Kingdom Creative in China to purchase hemp and cannabis-derived products for animal and human health and import them into the local market.

Kingdom Creative is a linen manufacturer primarily based on hemp and flax, and has also established health food, dietary supplement, body care and cosmetics companies to allow Creso to gain more access and scale in China. I will.

The medical cannabis company has opened four offices across China to build a product sales and marketing presence, as well as local distribution options in China.

“It will also allow Creso to expand rapidly into other Asian markets,” the company said in a statement.

Chinese herbal medicine, the health food market in China, is currently valued at $ 39.6 billion and is expected to grow by 10% annually from now until 2025.

According to Creso, sales of medical cannabis in China are expected to grow as a result of the gradual release of laws that make hemp-based medical cannabis products available to patients.

CPH-Crestoma | Australian Equity Forum CPH-Crestoma | Australian Equity Forum

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